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Did you know... (London 1981)
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  • Roland Alexander played Alonzo, Rumpus cat and Tumblebrutus?
  • Brian Blessed played Deuteronomy and Bustopher?
  • John Thornton played both Mungojerrie and Macavity?
  • Macavity's costume wasn't a complete body suit? It was a long sleve shirt with long leg warmers and a mask painted to look like him so Mungojerrie wouldn't have to ruin his make up.
  • Paul Nicholas wasn't a dancer?
  • Judi Dench (the Original Griz) fell off the stage and broke her ankle so then Elaine Paige was sent to re-place her?
  • When Elain Paige first heard the melody of Memory, she said, "I Have to play that part!"
  • There was a Grumbskin?
  • Jeff Shankley Played Munkustrap and Grumbskin? So that means he looks just like Munkustrap.
  • Donald Waugh played Coricopat and Gilbert?
  • Memory's original name was Rhapsody on a Windy night?
  • Anderw left one poem out of the musical? It was called 'Cat Morgan introduces himself.'
  • Gillian had never seen the Old Possums book before Andrew had shown her it when they first met?
  • When CATS was playing Andrew and Cameron were still collecting money for CATS?
  • in the middle of act one of CATS @ a charity preformance, a man stood up and yelled, "Rubbish!" It just so happened he was drunk and thought he was being clever about it because they were in a 'rubbish dump' set
  • they didn't have the characters Etcetra, Electra, Plato, Admetous, Pouncival, Bill Bailey and Ghengis?
  • Sarah Brightmen played Jemima?
  • Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer looked similar to Tiger's in there song outfits?
  •  Grizabella's costume looks almost the same as the video's one?
  • Skimbles's Train was 20' feet long?!
  • the first prefromance was in the New London theatre May.11, 1981?
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