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Are you obsessed?
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You know you're obsessed when...
  • You have more then five CATS Cd's
  • You have seen CATS Live over ten times
  • You have more then five copies of the CATS movie
  • Everyday you think of CATS at least three times
  • In school, your work revolvs around CATS and whenever you can't do CATS life sucks
  • You call your real cats the names of the Jellicles even if thats not really their names
  • You've spent thousands of dollars on CATS things online
  • You make costumes of CATS
  • You have authentic costumes/peices
  • If someone insults CATS, you hiss at them (or call them foul things)
  • You know the names of all the CATS ( all 40 of them)
  • You know how all of them look and can draw them
  • Your walls are covered in CATS posters and pictures
  • You've met a cast of CATS before
  • You have a fansite dedicated ONLY to CATS
  • You write fanfiction
  • You draw fanart
  • You can't go a day without hearing music from CATS
  • You have hundreads of thousands of CATS pictures on your computer
  • People call you 'Cat' or 'Cat Girl/Boy' at your school
  • You preform in school talent shows with songs from CATS
  • You dress up for halloween as a CATS character
  • You goal in life is to play in CATS
  • You've played in a small production or large production of CATS
  • you travel far and wide to see CATS
  • When you miss a production of CATS you go balistic
  • For your birthday, you wanted CATS on your cake
  • You celebrate the two CATS annivesaries (London, Broadway)
  • You sing CATS in the shower
  • Whenever someone drops something and it makes a loud noise you yell, "MACAVITY!"
  • You have bootlegs of CATS from differnet parts of the world
  • You wear a CATS tail everywhere
  • On your birthday you dress up as a cat
  • You dress up as a cat for no reason and walk around the city
  • You subconsciencly sing CATS during class
  • In Drama class, every time CATS is mentioned you get over excited and have a fangasim.
  • Whenever CATS is mentioned anywhere you get a fangasim.
  • You used up all the ink in your printer printing CATS photos
  • You have tons of CATS books
  • You know all the dances from CATS
  • You know all the songs from CATS
  • You know the words to  CATS in different languages
  • You insist people refer to you as your cat name
  • When you meet someone new you say, "Hello I'm______ and I love CATS more than you."
  • If someone makes an insult to CATS you also say, "The everlasting cat says otherwise..."
  • When you see CATS live you have a fangasim
  • When CATS starts you get tingly feelings all over your body
  • You've convinced your parents that the missing objects around the house are the result of Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer
  • You've decided your new religon is Jelliclisim
  • When you pass a junkyard you have a spazz attack
  • You love all the Jellicles equally; you don't hate any of them.
  • If you were unable to watch CATS you'd probably die.
  • If you hear CATS is playing near you, you call everyone you know and go on for hours about it.
  • You have pictures of the actors and actresses without make up on.
  • You have a CATS blanket
  • You have a CATS mouse-pad
  • Your desktop on your computer is CATS
  • You've taken it upon yourself to learn and study the different versains of CATS around the world (ex: Broadway, London, Japan etc...)
  • You prowl the net for rare CATS picutres and videos.
  • When you hear a CATS hater is lingering the CATS fandom, you send Macavity after them.
  • There is no Fandom greater than CATS. This is a proven fact.- You
  • You force your family to endure you CATS obsession, and sometimes make family members like CATS as well.
  • During school spirit weeks/days you dress as a cat/ wear a tail.

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Eliaza's 'Are you Obsessed?' Submissions

  • You have this strange urge to grab and hug every single cat that happens to be a Maine Coon, a silver tabby, or a black 'tuxedo' kitty.
  • If you babysit (particularly little boys) and they play a game where they want you to be a bad guy, you immediately cackle and say "I am Macavity!!" (lol I love that one XD)
  • Every time you hear the word 'rejoice', you get excited and start batting your 'paws' (err hands) in the air.
  • You crawl a lot more than you walk. Therefore you have gotten very good at crawling just like a cat.
  • You take dance class and work really hard on stretching, just because you're determined to one day be able to do the whole of Victoria's dance.
  • You spot words while you're reading that trigger you into singing, "Practical cats, dramatical cats..."
  • Tap-dancing makes you think of cockroaches.
  • Someone mentions how icky cockroaches are, and you say, "They just need employment!!"
  • You get scolded for making banging noises in your room--which, in fact, were only you doing dramatic leaps.
  • You think that dumps look cozy.
  • You can't walk across a hard wood floor without first running and sliding on it.
  • When you get angry you curve your fingers as if you're unsheathing your claws, and growl lowly in your throat.
  • You've cut the finger-tips off all your gloves so that they look more like Munkustrap's.
  • You're so deprived that you make the long, elegant gloves that some of the queens wear, out of toe socks!
  • You buy feather boas just so you can tie them on and pretend they're tails.
  • When you hear a thunderclap, you scream 'Macavity' and run around frantically trying to find Munkustrap.
  • You get scolded in choir practice for randomly blabbing out "Can you sing at the same time in more than one key?" Or "Handeling pieces from the Messiah, Hallelujah! Angelical choir!"
  • Every time you see a cat, you take off an imaginary hat (or a real hat, if you happen to be wearing one...) and bow, saying, "O Cat!"
  • You refer to your dogs as 'Pollicles' and your cats as 'Jellicles'.
  • You expect your boyfriend or grilfriend to be flattered by your telling him S/he's as brave as Munkustrap and as good looking as Alonzo.

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