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The US TOUR in London Ontario 2006
CATS live had to be the most amazing excpereince of my life!!! The music and dancing was amazing! I will never forget the amazment and thirll of this night. It will be but a beautiful Memory...
One of the greatest things was that I was staying at the same hotel as the cast for CATS!!! I was so happy! After I had come out of the pool and was in the elevator, the man who played Tumblebrutus came onto the elevator. I was so excited! It was somewhat emmbarassing cause I was in my bikini, not that I'm not good looking in a bikini or nothin ;)
To get on with it, I was very dissapointed that they took out the characters Electre, Ectetra, Ademtus, Coricopat and Tantomile. Very upsetting.
The beginging "Overtrue" was very good. A lot of lights flashed at the beginging. Very exciting!!! :)
The only down side of the music was that it was not played by an actual orchastra, they could not bring the entire orchastra on the tour bus because it would be too big.
The Cast
Alonzo- Alex Ringler
Asparagus- Bruce Warren
Bombalurina- Chelsea Cicci
Bustopher Jones- Bruce Warren
Cassandra- Amy Desiato
Demeter- Emily Padgett
Genghis- Cesar Abreu
Griddlebone- Darla Cardwell
Grizabella- Claire Blakeley
Growltiger- Bruce Warren
Jellylorum- Darla Cardwell
Jennyanydots- Susan Lewis
Macavity- Nathan Garland
Mistoffelees(Quaxo)- Ryan Patrick Farfell
Mungujerrie- Cesar Abreu
Munkustrap- Derek Hanson
Old Deuteronomy- Philip Peterson
Plato- Nathon Garland
Pouncival- Nicholas McGough
Rumpelteazer- Josephine Rose Roberts
Rum Tum Tugger- Jeremy Hays
Sillubub (Jemima)- Jessica Vaccaro
Skimbleshanks- Drew Little
Tumblebrutus- Brandon Tyler
Victoria- Sarah Kay Marchetti
Character Profile
Alonzo- Was a great singer! Amazing! His dancing didn't quite catch up with his voice as fast. He was brown, white and black which I thought was rather picular but he was still lovable old Alonzo!
Asparagus- I didn't really notice him a lot. I didn't see him at times. He had a shaggy coat, that was brown and black. He had a very clear voice and danced well.
Bombalurina- Well, she was an excpetional dancer, but her voice was not my taste. She did sing VERY well, I just didn't prefer it. I didnotice she did put a lot of emotion into it. She played the sexy queen well! She was the mate to Munkustrap and mother to Sillabub.
Bustopher Jones- is not skin and bones, in fact he's remarkably fat! Yes, he was fat but he was very good at singing! I thought he played BJ very well!
Cassandra- the beautiful Casasndra did an amazing job at both singing and dancing.
Demeter- She danced and sang soooo well! I envy her! She was aslo very beautiful. Her voice was so lovely. Her dancing was so well done!
Ghengis- I'd never really seen him outside of my computer so this was a treat! He was so cool! He looked like he was holding a sword! He rocked! He kicked ass! He was so funny!!
Griddlebone- The only place I ever saw her was on the net, but this was even better! She played her part so well, and so funny!
Grizabella- I must say she sang it better then Elaine Paige. Never have I seen a Grizabella played so well!
Growltiger- He was firce and very scary at first. I never excpected him to be gus the Theatre cat to be the mighty growltiger! So very unexcpeted. He was humerous! So very, very funny!
Jellylorum- Jelly is one of my favourite CATS to draw. She played her part in Gus the Theatre Cat well! She acted out her part sooo well.  Her voice was so beautiful! Wow! She was amazing!
Jennyanydots- She was played well by her actress.Hervoice suited her very well. She was a very good actress. Well done!
Macavity- He was so very scary! his laugh was literlly evil. He was sill really cool. He is one of my fav characters.
Mistoffelees (Quaxo)- He rocked! Ilove him!
So handsome! His dancing and singing was SO AMAZING! He continuously spun around and round for like, 2 minutes! It was stupendous! He had such a wonderful voice! I just adore him!
Mungojerrie- He was really funny. He sang so well and danced to the point that fit his character. Adored him.
Munkustrap- had a very deep and dark voice. But eventually his voice wasn't so terifying. He was cool. Danced, fairly well. He was the mate to Bomblalurina, and the father to Sillabub.
Old Deuteronomy- the actor that played him is such a sweet guy. I love'em. So kind and his voice was so calm and sweet. I must say he was played so well in the tour.
Plato- Such a sweet guy too. It's hard to belive he played Macavity as well. He seemed so inocent and outgoing. Livinglofe to it's fullest.
Great singing voice. Well done with the dancing.
Pouncival- Oh my God! I love Pouncival! He's just such a sweetheart! And SO cute! Sweet little Pounce, chasing his tail! He had such a sweet voice. He danced so lovely! Pouncey! ;)
Rumpelteazer- She was so funny! I absoulutly loved Rumpelteazer! She sang and danced so well! I envy her too!
Rum Tum Tugger- He was so Cool! He was so Funny! He was the Tugge! Meow...I loved the guy who played him! He was sooooo funny! He had so much energy! His voice was awesome! I don't like John Patridge's voice cause it's too perfect. I liked this guys voice cause he seemed more naturl.
Sillabub (Jemima)- I love Sillabub! She is so cute and Dainty! Holy crap! She had such a dainty voice! She was so cute! She danced so gracfully! Oh so wonderful! Her mother was Bombalurina and her father was Munkustrap.
Tumblebrutus- I've always loved Tumblebrutus.He is such a cute guy. He did his front and back flips so well! I wish I could do back flips...great voice!
Victoria- Oh, so inocent and kind. I thought she danced and sang so beautifuly, she did great!

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