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My Second expereince
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St. Jacobs country playhouse- St. Jacobs Ontario
CATS was really awesome. I can't say how awesome it was in words. Much better then last time, because I had better seats. Front row, Orchestra isle seats! The best seats you can get are those seats!!! I'm dead serious! All the action happened in my area! :)
The best thing was our seats. I loved them as you could tell. Also I wore my Bombalurina costume (Which is now finished pic's comin soon!) So the CATS always came over and shoke my hand in the Jellicle way. Or poked my or played aroung with my wig by swatting at my ears. I acted the same way back. They made me feel as if I were part of the play!
I was dissapointed because the costumes were not the best. I mean, the character Rumpelteazer was all white with some patches of purple and her tail was pink and purple!!! She looked cool but, she seemed not as, Rumpelteazer-ish... Read the character bio's to see how the other characters looked and acted.
They took out A LOT of characters!! They took out Admetus (Because there was no song of The battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles) Etcectra, Alonzo (But why?) Tantomile (there was a Coricopat, he was one of my fav's) Ghengis(!), Pouncival, and Tumblebrutus. It was very upsetting...
I got my Old Possems book signed by: Coricopat, Demeter, Victoria, Rum Tum Tugger, Old D and Cassandra. I liked all those characters so it was cool!
I was very happy because there really was an orchestra below the stage playin.
The Cast
Bombalurina (Assistant director)- Christy Adamson
Bustopher Jones- Kelly Robertson
Cassandra- Michelle DiGioacchino
Coricopat- Jean-Luke Cote
Demeter- Natalie Sebastian
Electra- Tessa Alves
Griddlebone- Lorena Mackenzie
Grizabella- Janet Martin
Jennyanydots- Lorena Mackenzie
Macavity- Halley Brentt
Mistoffelees- Michel Faigaux
Mungojerrie- Micheal Donald
Munkustrap- Michel LaFleche
Old Deuteronomy- Fred Love
Plato- Halley Brentt
Rumpelteazer- Nessa Kenemy
Rum Tum Tugger- Mike Jackson
Sillabub- Shelia Kaminski
Skimbleshanks- Todd Noel
Victoria- Ahsley Fenster
Character Profile
Bombalurina- Scared me, very much. She wasn't red... She was leopard print! She was very good at dancing. She had a fairly good voice. It seemed to deep for a Bombalurina to me. I didn't think the outfit suited her. She looked more like Cheetara from Thundercats. Her tail and wig was still red though. Arm warmers and leg warmers were a brownish i think.
Bustopher Jones- He was really cool. When he did that tipping over into the audience part were Quaxo stops him from falling, his eye glass flew into the audience. It was really funny. He had a blue in the parts of his wig where there should have been black and a bit of blue on his face.
He sang very well and acted his part out so great!
Cassandra- She was somewhat red and seemed a bit stuck up. But, isn't that how Cassandra is supposed to be? :P She sang very well and danced pretty well. She wasn't my favourite.
Coricopat- He was one of my favourites! He would sit on the egde of the stage and do the Jellicle type of hand shake with me, and swat at my wig. He was so kind and always smiled at me. He had blue on his costume and a bit on his face. It made him look awesome. He was so great :)
Demeter- She was my fav!!! She was so awesome! I feel in love with her (NOT IN THAT WAY!) but she sang SO well and danced SO well!!! When the play first started, she walked by me and looked at me like, "WTF?" But later she tapped me on the should from up on the stage and scared me half to death! She just wanted a paw shake. Adored her dancin and sining!
Electra- She was all yellow and looked strange. She was a really good dancer. She sang pretty good.  Her tail was made of wool (Like all of them) and looked just the same as mine (Except for different colours). She wasn't as energetic as the regular Electra's but still good.
Griddlebone/ Jellylorum- She was really funny. When she was in front of our seats, feathers started coming of her costume. So i grabbed some for memories. Now THAT'S obsession... She sang AMAZING! Now there are good singers, great singers and AMAZING singers. Her costume as Jellylorum was all yellow with some brown spots and patches. I got her mixed up with Electra a lot. She was an amazing dancer.
Grizabella- She looked so sad during her moments on stage. She even made me feel sad.. But that's a sign of good acting. Her voice was very beautiful. I really liked it. Her costume looked really good, but I've seen better... She had played Sillabub for six years before.
Jennyanydots- Played by the same actress as Jellylorum and Grittlebone. I've come a custome to calling her Jellyanydots. She played the Gumbie cat so well. Acting so lazy. Her coat (her BIG coat) was a dark brown with leopard print. A different but interesting touch.
Macavity- His costume wasn't wonderful but still cool. His strips looked kinda like cracks so it looked like he was cracking. His wig was a DARK red and really made him look scary. His laugh was really feaky and his voice was scary. I guess that's the idea right?
Mistoffelees- He was a great dancer! Like wow! Loved his dancing and singing. His white patch on his chest was somewhat lacking something but still good. His tail looked as if it had gone through a lawnmower.
Mungojerrie- He was weird. Not in the character way in the costume way. he was white with faint brown strips. His make up was really good. He sang really well as well. I loved the make up! (I know I just said that but really good!)
Munkustrap- he kinda scared me at first. He didn't look or seem very happy. He did play the protective line very well and hissed great. Loved his dacing didn't prefer his voice. His costume looked completely gray but there were very faint black strips. They were really thin strips though tah proabably couldn't be seen from a distants. Make up wasn't great, nither was the wig.
Old Deuteronomy- He was the nicest guy ever! i went up on stage at intermission and he really liked my costume. He let me feel his costume and said it was made from real cat fur. He knew I didn't beleive him. He sang really really well.
Plato- He had a big bushy gray tail. He had a lovely voice. He danced great!!!! His make up was very good. His wig was lacking that Plato-ish touch. He didn't look brown at all.
Rumpelteazer- She was PURPLE! You heard me. Purple. She was completely white with little shadings of purple on her. Her leg warmers and arm warmers were pink and purple as her tail was too. Other then that her dancing was great and her singing was really well done. (But PURPLE?!)
Rum Tum Tugger- He was so cool! His main wasn't that ong but still cool. Voice was great. Dancing was totally awesome.  He always smiled at me. He was SOOOO Tall!!! like whoa! He was so awesome. He was great!
Sillabub- She was scary... Her wig was like, curly and her costume was white with only a few yellowish/brown patches. Some what strange. She had a decent voice and danced pretty well. She told me she thought she had strep throat because of how high of pitch she had to sing.
Skimbleshanks- He was sool. he had a great voice really liked it. He danced splendedly. His make-up was very strong and extremly impressive. He was really nice, and halariously funny.
Vicotria- She was so kind! The Type of person everyone wants to see Victoria played by!  Seriously, She was always smiling! :) Her costume had pink paches and so did her tail. Somewhat strange... Her voice was so beautiful and her dancing was so gracful. Her dancing was amazing!

Song Info
Act 1
 The music was really good. I really enjoyed it.
The cats ran down the isle I was sitting near. When they saw my costume they looked at me funny. They probably thought "Wow another Jellilce." We exchanged Jellicle paw shakes, so I assumed that's what they were acting out. Awesome eh?
Demeter, Coricopat, Rumpelteazer, Skimbleshanks,  and Plato went by my seet and I think Electra or Jellylorum too.
Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats
The cast danced very well. They sang so great as well.
I loved Coricopat and Victoria. They did REALLY well. Loved'em.
I was unsure of which cat ws which because of how much they changed the costume design. It took me a while to figure out who Bombalurina was. She was NOT red, like, wth?
Besides that, very good.
The naming of cats
 Well, this song was choreographed pretty well.
The singing was really good. They can really sing ya know?
Coricopat really did well in this part. Really good cat like movements.
Victoria made very cat like movements as well. I didn't even notice they were really human ;P
The invatation to the Jellicle Ball
Victoria was so good. I'm not even joking, or over exagurating. She was REALLY REALY good.
When she did all the hard things she didn't even shake. Perfect ballance.
She did play wit her gail a lot during the play, I noticed that.
SHE DID SO WELL! Did I already say that? :P
The Old Gumbie Cat
A really funny song. When she come out of the car, her coat was completely leapord print and dark brown.
Her tap dance number was really good. Loved it. Couldn't have ever forgotten it.
She acted SO lazy... It was funny.
The three queens singing were Bombalurina, Cassandra and Electra or Jellylorm couldn't tell which was which at the time.
The beatles wore BIG glasses and held forks and carving knives.
The Rum Tum Tugger
 A really good song. He was SOOOOOOO cool.
He began the song well. His voice was fairly good and his dancing was amazing.
He was VERY tall.
He stuffed his tail in Electra's mouth when she began screaming.
When he held the, "ABOUT!" all the time they wouldn't go really crazy he'd be like, "WHAT?"
He wore a shiney silver belt, as always.
He wore leopard print leg and arm wamers.
Instead of him ripping a peice of paper, he jumpe out of the oven. It was cool.
Griabella: the Glamour Cat
 Demeter and Bombalurina didn't sing very well in this one. (Sorry to say) Demeter actually did pretty well.
Grizabella seemed really tired and sad.
All the cats hissed really well at the Grizabella parts. i felt bad for griz. It brought a tear to my eye. I didn't allow myself to cry in fear I would ruin my make- up.
She sat on the stairs near me as Bombalurina and Demeter sabg about her. She fittled with her tail as if, "Don't worry, who cares about them?" But left lookin hurt.
Bustopher Jones: The cat about town
A funny song. He came on stage and everyone began laughing, with his funny walk and experesions.
All the cats seemed to enjoy the song.
When BJ nearly falls into the audience, his eye glass flew out of his pocket and into the crowd. It was really funny.
Then instead of giving Jennyanydots a flower, he kissed her paw.
He had a funny wig. In spots it was supposed to be black but it was blue. Strange huh?
Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer
The song was pretty much the same except for the costumes. They were really different.
Rumpelteazer was purple and pink!
Mungojerrie was wahit with very faint brown strips.
The cartwheel thingy they do at the end if the song was really well done. Loved watching it.
They really made you get the word "MING!" into your mind.
Old Deuteronomy
The cast sang this song very well.
I really liked the song. When Old D came down the isle, everyone in the audience seemed surprised.
He looked very cheerful and happy.
All the cats were happy to have their wise and beloved leader with them for another Jellicle ball.
The Jellicle Ball
 The dances were very well done. I really liked it. The music was fantastic.
The cast really pulled through.
It sounds strange but Bombalurina and the Tugger were actually mates. That is really weird.
Victoria danced really well at the end.
I really love the dancers they out into this cast.. They all dacned well. No joke.
 The song was really sad.
It brought more tears to my eye.
Grizabella really made you feel sad inside. She sang it so well, I loved her voice.
Her costume looked as if it were really falling apart. Or is it not supposed to be like that? :o
End of Act 1
At the intermission, we went up on stage to see Old D. I asked him to sign my book and he did. I wanted to get it signed by as many Cats as possible!
We got into chatting about my costume and the dances. He seemed quite impressed when I told him I made it myself.
After that I went into the front hall tyep place and bought a CD. Then I went outside to get some air with my grandma. I danced about outside like the cast had done. People looked at me funny but, they just saw adults dressed as CATS dancing like me, why should it be any different for me??? :(
I went back inside and sat in my seat. Old D come over to me again by crawling across the stage. I then saw the Tugger.
"AW! THE TUGGER!" I exclaimed.
"Yeah, that's the Rum Tum Tugger." He replied.
"I know, I just said that." I replied quielty not wanting to be rude.
The Tugger never came over because he had to go onto the oven and stay there.
Coricopat came on stage being followed by a robotic mouse. He turned around and slapped it really hard.
He came over and sat on the stage on front of me. I asked him if he wanted to sign my old pssums book. He took it from me and pretended to not b able to take off the pen lid. So, I had to help the handy capped kitten...
Then Victoria crawled over. She signed it. Then Cassandra signed it. By the time you knew it four cats were around it. Demeter crawled by. I asked her, but she started to crawl away. I felt kinda upset about that. Felt somewhat rejected. She did quickly turn around and sign it though. i was then happy by that.
The show started again.
The moments of Happiness
 To tell you the truth i didn't really pay attention to this part. I do rememeber most of it.
Old D sang extremly well, but I really don;t like Sillabub's costume!!
She sang very well but I hate her wig! It just doesn't suit her, at all. her unitard is ok. It does resemble Sillabub.
Coricopat and Demeter stood up woth Sillabub because there was no Tantomile.
Gus: The Theatre Cat & Growltigers last stand
He made himself sound old really well.
Loved the ship they made.
Grittlebone had an awesome costume, but feathers started comin off it.
Growltiger and Grittlebone sang great together.
Growltiger kept dropping Grittlebone, it was funny.
Grittlebone flirted with the crew in the beggining. There was no Ghengis or Siamese. So it was his crew that made him walk the plank.
I loved the crew members. They sang really well.
Skimbleshanks:The railway cat
 I really liked Skimble. He had a greay voice.
When Victoria sneezed, it sounded like she was really sneezing.
the train was quite inpressive, I loved it.
His costume was very interesting.
The cast sang it very very very (ect) well.
His make up was totally amazing.
The dance was really well done and fantastic at the beggining dances.
Macavity: The mystery cat
 Demeter danced the song really really well. She sang it so wonderfully. I loved her so much as Demeter.
Bombalurina (the really scary one LOL) sang with so much emmotion. I couldn't get over how well they danced it.So awesome.
The background dancers did really really good too.
When Old D was captured, Macavity looked like he threw Old D down hard.
When the fight started it looked really fake...
Macavity made them all freeze while he went over and grabbed a Demeter.
Munksutrap was knocked out of the fight really early. Coricopat fought a lot longer.
Macavity was really awesome dancing.
When Demeter and Munkustrap were nuzzling, Munkustrap seemed pretty badly hurt (Don't worry Munkustrap fans, he was just pretending!)
Mr. Mistoffelees
I really liked it.
When the Tugger began to talk, everyone began to slink away.
Mistoffelees was an amazing dancer.
The Tugger sang the song so well. The Tugger did extremly well.
I thought misto acted out his parts well.
At one point t loked like he was miming on stage.
Instead of him shooting electrical botls or making sparkles go everywhere, he made lights go on and off. Wow, I never knew how to do that!
When he was bringing Old D back he would open and close the ovenm. First when he did it there was nothin, Then there was Victoria then there was Old D. It was cool cause he did it really fast.It was really cool.
 I have to say the actress playing griz was really good.
She sang the touch me it's so easy to leave me!" really passinatly.
When Victoria exxcpeted her, Griz jumped as if surpirised to be expeted.
Old D seemed to feel really bad for Griz
Coricopat really seemed to despise Griz. Pour Grizabella... :(
While Griz was singing, all the other cast was on the other side of the stage.
Up to the heavyside layer
 All the cats gathered on the stage, but must I tell you there was no tire? Griz got up by going up the stairs that were inside the car that Munkustrap and Coricopat open. then she walks along the plank and goes up into the trash.
It was pretty cool how they sent her up to the heavyside layer.
Ad-adressing of Cats
 I actually really like this song.
All the cats really sang and danced it out well.
I loved they sang the song.
When the cats were bending over staring at you, it was  kinda creepy. It was as if they were trying to get into your head.
I loved the way they stared.
I was so upset because it was the final song... :'(

For more info on this production, click here to go to my third excpereience that was in St. Jacobs as well.

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