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Cats in Toronto was amazing. We got to ride on a train to Toronto, we saw an amazing show and we get to meet most of the cast. I went with my Aunt Melanie, My Nana and my cousin Lindsey who is also a CATS fan.

**NOTE**Anything that is underlined is a link to a picture**NOTE**
Alonzo........................................DJ Guthrie
Asparagus...................Christopher E. Sidoli
Bombalurina........................Bethany Moore
Bustopher Jones..........Christopher E. Sidoli
Cassandra.................................Julie Nelson
Demeter.................................Kendal Hartse
Genghis..............Andrew Parker Greenwood
Griddlebone..........................Anissa Hartline
Grizabella................................Tricia Tanguy
Growltiger.....................Christopher E. Sidoli
Jellylorum..............................Anissa Hartline
Jennyanydots.....................Cara Michelle Fish
Macavity..................................Daniel A. Ryask
Mistoffelees..........................Chris Meckenthun
Mungojerrie............Andrew Parker Greenwood
Munkustrap..............................Justin Huebener
Old Deuteronomy..............................Seth Lerner
Plato...........................................Daniel A. Ryask
Pouncival.....................................Joshua Schulties
Rumpelteazer...............................Kristy Cavanaugh
Rum Tum Tugger.........................Dave Schoonover
Sillabub...............................................Sari Feldman
Skimbleshanks..........................................Felix Hess
Tumblebrutus............................................Andy Mills
Victoria..................................................Melinda Hall
Around 6pm...
My Nana and I arrived at my aunt Melanies. We were going there and then we were going to drive together to the train station. When I got there, Lindsey was already in her costume. I knew it was because she was excited, but I don't like getting it on to early. I asked my Nana about 15 mins later if I should get changed (we were leaving about an hour and a half early). So I got my costume on. When I was applying my make up, my aunt Mel said we only had 15 mins, so I rushed. Then she said we were catching the later train instead so I took my time on what was left on my face to do. Lindsey applied her own make up, but I tried to touch it up here and there. We ran around outside for a bit before it was time to leave.
At the train station...
Lindsey and I were slow getting out of the car. A train had jus arrived and was letting people off so there was a million people around. I don't mind being seen in my costume but that was just crazy. We went into the station to get out tickets, and some girls were meowing at us. I wasn't sure if it was some sort of compliment or an insult so I ignored them. Lindsey kept pointing out tha they were meowing and I told her it was best to ignore them. When we were walking to the train a woman asked for our picture. Of course, Lindsey and I let her ;)
On the train...
Lindsey and I got on the train. We sang CATS songs on the way to Toronto which took like 40 mins to get to. We got so bored.
At the theatre...
When we got to Toronto, we got a cab to take us to the theatre. When we got there, we took one picture in front of the theatre before we were swormed by people wanting our picture. (We told them we weren't in the cast, don't flame me). After that we took some more pics outside the theatre and then went inside to get our seats.
In the theatre...
We had really good seats. We were right by the door, so during the show CATS ran by us constantly. We spoke to a few people in the theatre before ACT ONE started.
  • the cats came out wearing Green light up eyes that were neat.
  • Alonzo and Cassandra ran by me and Alonzo looked at me funny.
  • The stage lit up with lights that were pretty.

Jellicle Songs For jellicle cats

  • Demeter came out and ran and hid when a car passed by
  • All the cats came out one by one
  • when the boot fell they looked confused.
  • the cats asked, "What's a jellicle Cat?" three times sounding confused and offended.

The naming of Cats

  • Each character responded to their name if it was said.
  • They broke off into three groups.
  • Victoria left the group on the far right as she usualy does.

The Old Gumbie Cat

  • The tap dancing was amazing. I truly loved it.
  • The beatles' costumes were really good. I loved how the wings opened.
  • Jenny came out of the oven apose to the car.

The rum Tum Tugger

  • He didn't shake his hips as much as usualy. Slightly disapointing
  • He was full of energy. he was constantly moving around
  • Bombalurina acted really interested in Tugger, even when she was just sitting off to the side.
  • Tugger danced with a woman in the audience and gave her the "Call me!" Sign afterwards.

Grizabella: The Glamour Cat

  • As Griz was walking, Demeter was following her.
  • Griz walked right by me when she exited.
  • Griz sang and acted her part so so so well.

Bustopher Jones

  • When Bustopher sat down, all the cast acted as if the ground had shook.
  • Jenny was so funny, she really did well with the little crush in him.
  • Jennym as always, fainted when Bustopher gave her the flower.

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer

  • The double cartwheel was really good.
  • Rumpelteazer was really cute during the song.
  • When they sang "Which was commonly said to be... MING!" they started laughing afterwards.
  • Rumpelteazer looked jealous and annoyed that Jerrie kept singing, "it was Mungojerrie!"

Old Deuteronomy

  • All the cats laid on the grounf waiting for old D to arrive.
  • Skimble went to get Old D apose to Mistoffelees.
  • Bomba was the one who sangm "I Belive it is Old Deuteronomy."
  • Old D walked right past me with Skimbleshanks.

The Jellicle Ball

  • Bomba's solo was fantastic.
  • VIc wasn't mates with plato, but with Tumblebrutus.
  • At ine point, Tumble couldn't keep up with Mistoffelees.
  • Bomba and Munkus were mates.
  • The dancing, music and singing was all fantastic. Amaing work.


  • Grizabella did really good acting here, you could literally feel her pain.
  • When she put her hand behind her, hoping someone would accept her, some people began to laugh, which I didn't understand.
  • Old D sat on the stage with a sad expression on his face until ACT TWO started.
During Intermission...
We bought a bunch of things. Lindsey bought a CATS t-shirt with the DVD picture on it and a programme. I bought a t-shirt with Mistoffelees on it, a CD (that I already had....) and a programme. Then we ran around the main hall chasing each other and dancing around. Then I took a picture of the sign that said who was filling in for who.
Before we sat down, we went up to the stage and waved to Old D who is suppose to be completely still. We went back to our seats and chatted with more people around us about our costumes and our love of CATS. Everyone was amazed that I had made the costumes.
Moments of Happiness
  • Sillabub sang the solo as she usually does.
  • Old D really sang well here. This was probably his best moment.

Gus the Theatre Cat

  • Gus was very funny during his parts.
  • The kittens didn't act offended by the part, "they thnk they are smart just a jump through a hoop!"

Growltigers Last Stand

  • Growltiger was very fierce and his crew were magnificent,
  • the siamese had beautiful costumes. The siamese were great.
  • Griddlebone was very flirty with the crewmen.
  • She became angry when Growltiger wasn't paying any attention to her.
  • She dragged her nails down Growltiger's chest making him howel.

Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat

  • Skimble started off sleeping on a hat apose to the car.
  • Skimble was wonderfuly funny.
  • The train they made was very good. Much better then other's I've seen.

Macavity: The Mystery cat

  • Bomba and Dem did really well during this song.
  • Alonzo mimicked Demeter's dancing in the beginning.
  • Bomba really sang her parts well. Not ot mention her awesome dancing. She put so much emotion into her dancing.
  • Both queens did great.
  • When Macavity entered, he walked past me.
  • Munkustrap fought for a short period of time.
  • Alonzo fought longer then Munkustrap did (a lot longer).

Mr. Mistoffelees

  • His jumps looked more like Jumping jacks.
  • His conjuring turn was all over the place.
  • He made silver streamers fly out from the stagecinto the audience.
  • Cassandra was picked to help him with his magic trick and she wasn;t even raising her hand.
  • Rumpelteazer was waving her hand like crazycbecayse she wanted to be picked.


  • Griz entered from the left of the stage and everyone moved away from her.
  • During this song I cried, and it was hard to stop it from ruining my make up.
  • Victoria was the one who touched her hand and accepted her.

Up up up to the Heavyside Layer

  • Everyone huged or touched griz.
  • Old D waved his arms at the tire and smoke came from it.
  • A platform lowered from the ceiling and Giz stepped into it and wa slifted into the Heavyside Layer.
  • Singing was amazing.

The Ad-dressing of Cats

  • Old D Sang her epretty well.
  • Everyone sang here incredibly. It's the best I've ever seen for this song.
  • Before everyone clapped at the end, when the music had just stopped I stood up and yelled, "WOO!"


  • Each character came out and preformed something.
  • Tugger did a groin thrust (lol)
  • Victoria kicked her leg up REALLY high.
  • Alonzo ran out did a split-jump
  • Plato did a layout
  • Puncival did a backhand spring
  • Tumblebrutus did a roundoff, two backhand springs and a backtuck.
  • At the very end, Bomba was standing on the right side of the stage and she motioned for Tugger to come over. When he did she pushed him down and walked over him. He stood up and said, "Oh yeah!" And ran after her. It was cute ^_^
After the show...
Lindsey and I were leaving when a woman who worked for the theatre started talking to us. She asked if we wanted to show our costumes to the cast. Of course we did, and she told us how to get to the stage door. On our way out, a woman came to Lindsey and I and gave us the silver streamers that Mistoffelees shoots out from the stage. We were so happy that she was so generous. Lindsey and i each got one.
We went bahind the theatre and walked right in through the stage door (i'm not even sure your aloud to do that...). The security guy wasn't very friendly but he's security, he's suppose to be stern and tough right? :P
We waited until the cast members came out, after asking anyone who came through the next door if they were 'cats'. Eventually, cast members came out and we got to meet them. We got a total of 14 autographs, but had to leave before we could meet them all :'( We had them sign the playbill so they could sign by ther names.
When we were getting our autogrphas (the cast was standing in a line for us XD) The woman who played Rumpelteazer was so excited to see Lindsey dressed up like her. Mungo said, "That's my girl!" to Lindsey since she was dressed as his partner in crime ;) When tugger came out, he said he liked my shoes :P Bethany Moore (Bombalurina) signed my book! I wanted to meet her the most since I think she's probably the best Bombalurina I've ever seen preform. I even got a picture with her.
The cast was amazing and they were wonderful to meet in person. Lindsey and I had an amazing night watching them preform and were honored to meet them.
On the train home..
Lindsey and I were so tired. I wanted to take my make up off so I could sleep, although I knew I'd have to write out my entire night in a book so I'd remember every detail. Lindsey and I made a video of everything we bought cause we were so bored and we were trying to keep ourselves occupied so we wouldn't fall asleep. It was a long ride home. We also took a bunch of pictures of us posing on the seats across from us. At one point, she took half my face off because her arm went across my face o.O Her unitard was alright though, my face was mostly white.
Linsey and I posing again (This was where she took off half my face)
At Melanie and Lindsey's house...
Lindsey ran stright upstairs so she could wash her face while I just sat on the couch and took her stuff out of the bag of things we bought. My Nana and I said our good byes and drove home.
Character Bios
Alonzo: He was on excellent dancer. He played Alonzo well. I thought the actor fit the role.
Asparagus/Bustopher/Growltiger: He had an amazing voice, I really loved him as growltiger. He was an adorable gus.
Bombalurina: She was a great Bomba. She was anawesome dancer and I loved her voice. She was really nice too. She was probably my favourite Bomba of all time. She put so much emotion into her dancing and singing.
Cassandra: The way the actress played her made me see her in a whole new way. the actress was amazing and played the part beyond what I've seen anyone else do. My favourite Cass ever.
Demeter: She did well when she had to cry, "Macavity!" Her wig was chapped funny. I loved her voice, it was perfect for Demeter.
Genghis: I don't know why but I thought Genghis was adorable. I wanted to hug hum. He played on excellent siamese.
Griddlebone: She wasn't the best griddlebone I've ever seen, but she was a pretty good one. I didn't think her voice was fit for the role even though she had an excellent voice.
Grizabella: She was an amazing actor. When she sang memory, it was amazing. I got the chills when she sang memory (but I had the chills throught the entire play). Fantastic voice.
Jellylorum: The actress may not have had the right voice for Griddlebone but she had a perfect voice for Jellylorum. I love the costume used in the tour. I don't like the design used in Europe and Russia as much.
Jennyanydots: She was the cutest Gumbie cat ever! She had a great voice for the role and her tap number was incredible.
Macavity/Plato: As Plato he was so awesome. I loved Plato. As Macavity, he was scary and did his parts extremely well.
Mistoffelees: He had a nice voice but ether he wasn't trying at all that night or his dancing wasn't all that great. His conjuring turn was all over the place and his jumps were like jumping jacks. I didn't think his dancing was anything specail. I'm sure he could have done much better.
Mungojerrie: He Had a great voice and I loved his dancing. Excellent Mungojerrie.
Munkustrap: He had a pretty good voice for Munkus, nearly perfect. He did some great dancing. He was definatly my favourite Munkustrap yet. His voice was just awesome.
Old Deuteronomy: He didn't have the same great vpice as some Old D's but he still acted his role amazingly. He was a very sweet Old D.
Pouncival: He had the most wonderful voice. I loved him personally. he played such a great Pouncival. He had such a kittenish nature to him.
Rumpelteazer: She was definatly my favourite Teazer. She had a cute and very controlled voice. Not to mention the fantastic dancing she did. Amazing.
Rum Tum Tugger: He had a great voice for Tugger, but my Nana thinks he didn't have the 'sex-appeal' tugger should. I still think he was great. He was a funny Tugger and he danced well.
Sillabub: She had a very sweet and soft voice. Her voice was definatly perfect for the role. She was excelllent. She did an amazing job dancing. When her and Victoria sang during the beginning of the ball, the two made an excellent duo. Their voices were amazing together.
Skimbleshanks: His voice wasn't 'skimbly' enough, but he still made a great Skimble. he was very funny with his acting and his dancing was fantastic. Great Skimble.
Tumblebrutus: He was so incredible with his flips and whatnot. He was an excellent dancer and didn't have to many solo's (sadley). He had a great voice.
Victoria: As Mistoffelees, her dancing wasn't what I expected. She didn't hold her leg up as high as she could have, but that may just have been from how they decided to choreograph it. It was just that part that made me think that because everything else she did was amazing. Her voice blew me away. I absolutly loved her voice. I've never seen Victoria sing like that. She's usually so mute. A definate favourite as well.

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