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CATS in Toronto was AMAZING. I think that was equally as fun as Toronto was, but better because we had a fellow CATS fan with us, Jessica!! We met Jessica breifly in Toronto last year, so this year, we had her come down to our city to see it with us.
Me (Sascha)- Mungojerrie
Rumpelteazer12 (Lindsey)- Demeter
Patridge1212 (Jessica)- Plato
Before CATS...
I got home from school and the first thing I did was run into my Nana's house and scream, "OMG CATS!" and she screamed because I scared her. Then, at 4 o'clock, while I was watching Ellen, I was waiting for Jessica to arrive because I was so hyped for CATS. While I was thinking to myself, "Don't think about Jess, then time won't go by so slow!" Jess knocked on the door. I ran and hugged her (because I'm pretty sure we had planned that the second we saw each other there would be some serious hugging going on...) and then Leslee and Jen left, and would return around 5:30.
Jess and I basically stood around my kitchen looking at each other's costumes (because I was so anxious to see Jessica's!). And then around 4:56, after the kitchen had been totally trashed, we decided it was costume time!!
Then before we left to get Lindsey, my Nana went to get gas in the van, so Jess and I played around outside with my camera. We posed on the 'CATS-car' my Papa has. (It's just a car that resembles the one on the set).
Jess and I brought out the CD player and danced to CATS until my Nana came back with the van. We danced to some of Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer, half of The Jellicle Ball and all of Macavity: The Mystery Cat! It was so much fun! We need to do some more dancing Jess!!
Then, when everything was go, Jess, Leslee, Jen, my Nana and I were set. We drove to Melanie's house to pick up Lindsey and Melanie. We got there and did Linds' make up quick and played around in the basement for about 15 mins before we demanded we go before we were late.
On the way to CATS, not only was it raining but there was also an accident on the road that we decided to take, so we were behind schedual by 20 mins, so we missed the first 20 mins of CATS. We got in around Bustopher Jones.
At CATS...
The preformance from what we saw was amazing. I'm actually not going to go into detail about every song and character, but I will tell you bits and peices. Like I said, we were there in time to see Bustopher Jones.
The theatre was rather small, and the set somewhat plain (more set peices would have been nice) but it was still really nice. The lighting was ok, and the seating was alright, however... The people around us p*ssed me off so much.
The people behind us complained to the theatre staff that our heads were to big and they couldn't see. Then they told us they wanted to switch seats with us. There was only two of them and three of us (Jess, Linds and I), and how they expected that to work I have no idea.
Then during Growltiger, the woman in front of me and Lindsey turned around and said, "SHH!" when we were laughing at the way Munkustrap was sleeping (he had his butt in the air and it was funny XD).
I have to say, the way they did Growltiger was absolutly amazing. they brought out some extra prop peices to make it look like a ship (sail, and some posts) and the lighting went more blue. Growltiger was so awesome though. the way they did his make up, wig and overall costume was incredible. They really got that character down. And the singing was AWESOME!
Not only did they do Growltiger's Last Stand, but they even did the Peke's and the Pollicles! (First time seeing it live in a theatre!). The Pekes looked very much like the video did, as did the Pollicles. At one point they were all barking at each other, and then Munkustrap said, "NO!" and Alonzo barked again, and everyone stared at him and it was just the funniest thing XD
When Old Deuteronomy came down the isle (i didn't really notice him at first but Jess sure did XD), he was like, nuzzling against people in the audience, and he came over to Jess, Linds and I! Twa exciting. *nods*
During the Jellicle ball, they used one of Jess' favourite pairs (Victoria/Mungojerrie). There was a small queen, a chorus cat, who was paired off with Quaxo, and I thought it was the cutest thing. She was black with white patches. Jemima was with Pouncival. Those are the only ones I really remember =P
Mistoffelees' song was absolutly awesome. Although I liked his Quaxo costume so much better (he was cuter as Quaxo) his Misto costume and number was really well done! At some points Jess and I were thinking, "Oh no don't fall over!" but he danced on! ^^ (His warmers looked similar to the ones Jinx has for her Misto/Quaxo costume...)
Also realized that Coricopat and Tantomile were both girls! I think Victor might have been a girl too but I don't know. That unown character didn't look much like Victor =\
During intermission, Melanie took the three of us (Linds, Jess, Me) to go get something to drink and buy stuff. There was only two CATS shirts left, and Jess refused to take one (although Melanie actually forced her to take one). The other one is being decided between me and Lindsey, although it's way to big for her so... XD
Then we went back into the theatre, and we sat where my Nana, Leslee and Jen had sat so those evil people behind us wouldn't b*tch anymore...
After the curtain call...
When CATS had finished, after Jess and I had screamed our hearts out to the cast while standing and clapping, the curtains re-opened and they said something like, "Now go meet your cast!" Jess and I ran down to the stage and went and I finally met Megan (Jemima) who I had contacted before the show and told her that we were coming to see them in costume! She was actually very excited to see us, and we were equally as honoured to meet her. We got many picture with the cast.
Also during the time we had to take pictures with the cast members, the amazing Macavity offered to take us backstage! Like he said, there wasn't a lot back there, and the one way corridor that lead from one side of the stage to the other was only big enough for one person behind the other to go down. It was narrow... (video of the entire backstage tour included in the video, here).
Jess and I were slightly dispointed, because I desperatly wanted to meet the guy who played Mistoffelees and Jess wanted to meet the guy who played Mungojerrie, but sadley they both left early...

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After CATS...
We all headed back to Melanie and Lindsey's house. Jess stayed the night with us, while Leslee and Jen went back to their motel. The night wasn't that exciting, and I feel terrible for being so tired! (Sorry Jess!) Our plan was we were going to dance the night away and make some amazing videos, but that never happened.
In the morning the plan was, we were going to the park, coming back to eat and then going to dance. However, i forgot my CATS cd's in my Nana's car and we couldn't do it!! God I'm just usless XD Next time Jess, we will dance, and there will be videos!!
The Cast of CATS
Mungojerrie Jon Alexander
Skimbleshanks Glen burgess
Demeter Jody Butler
Mistoffelees/Quaxo Paul Charbonneau
Alonzo Ian Collins
Old Deuteronomy Barry Flynn
Jennyanydots Janet Flynn
Jemima Megan Flynn
Cassandra Leslie Glen
Munkustrap Michael Harvey
Electra Kate Knox
Etcetera Caren Leinwand
Coricopat Veronica Lincoln
Gus/Growltiger John Mallett
Grizabella Ginny Metcalfe
Victor Gray Monczka
Plato Reed Monczka
Carbucketty Toan Nguyen
Macavity Paul Douglas
Jellylorum/Griddlebone Ngaio Potts
Asparagus Gary Prudence
Victoria Meghan Smith
Tantomile Vicki Stevens
Sillabub Lynn Tivey
Bombalurina Kaitlin Torrance
Pouncival Roberta Walker
Rum Tum Tugger Twaine Ward
Bustopher Jones David Wicken
Rumpelteazer Kristi Woods
Exotica Christina Zorkadoulas

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