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runs in and trips* Oh my god! Not only was it amazing because I got to see Shelby and Kirby, but the performance overall, and just everything was incredible! Even though this was a local theatre (auditions were held but as Shelby said I ‘complained I was to lazy to try out XD’) it was probably the most close to perfect production I’ve ever seen. The costumes were not amazing, but despite this they were still pretty decent (at least that used unitards!). But enough of this, onto the report!!

**As always anything underlined is a link to a picture**

1:00am - Day of CATS
Well, I had told myself I was going to go to bed earlier, since in the morning I’d have to get up at 5ish, but I procrastinate a lot and it didn’t happen… So I stayed up texting Shelby and Sabrina. While Shelby and I were talking about CATS and how much of a tool I am, Sabrina and I were discussing why and why won’t Sorhaitz ever be mine… XD
So having slept in I was running around the house freaking out, not because I was late because I knew Kirby and Shelby would be freaking out because I was late… yeah, that’s confusing. Anyways, Melanie and my Nana (who were driving me to Kirby’s grandparents house where we were all meeting) moved the fastest I’ve ever seen them move and by 8:40 we were on the road to Kingston, with our two dogs and Kitten Bella. (We couldn’t leave them behind XD)
11:30ish? am 
Not really sure what time it was that I decided this, but a little after we entered Nappanee I decided, “I’m going to do my make up in the car to save time!” As you could’ve guessed, this was nit a good idea. I messed up so many things on my face. And as luck./unluck may have it I only had enough time to put on the make up and pack up as we arrived as soon as I packed everything away. It was insane. At this point, my mind was exploding.
Theatre Layout (We were Section K seats 5-8 I think)
Well… lets just say this: the moment the van pulled into the driveway Shelby and Kirby came outside and started freaking out. Like, screaming and flailing saying stuff I didn’t even understand. It was amazing though XD I felt the love! My aunt got out first as I was just making sure everything was in our bags and she said., “Auntie Melly’s here!” because she’s just very crazy like that. (Good crazy! Not bad crazy) So then I got out of the car, accidentally letting my kitten escape so I had to crawl under the van to get her.. Then we went inside, got dressed (after much complication with Shelby’s zipper might I add), took pictures and drove to CATS.
Driving in the Car
12:30 - Yes we were incredibly early!
The show started at 2:00 but we came early because my family is cursed with lateness and I wanted to make sure we’d be there on time… an hour and a half early sounded pretty decent lmao While there we ran around town (well, I went slow as my foot is still healing) and posed with every CATS poster we could find. Oh, and people took lots of pictures. It made Shelby feel special. haha :P
Me and Shelby Posing with a CATS sign
After that we went into the theatre and took pictures of the stuff we saw inside..
And before we went to the show we went and had lunch. And lets just add, Shelby can’t eat in CATS make up and Kirby can’t seem to drink anything XD
Alrighy, so then we went into the theatre, and it was pretty nice. It was so exciting and we couldn’t stop talking about random shit… most of it was CATS related while we talked about random other stuff.. Then, the show started!
When it first started, the curtains remained closed for most of the overture, but they opened near the end, and CATS began running down the isles. I noticed only two ran down our isle (Quaxo Mistoffelees and Demeter, WHO MIGHT I ADD IS FRIGGIN HOT!), but later I realized this was due to lack of actors for whatever reason. The stage was small, but I still liked it. It could’ve been better, but it did have everything it really needed; oven, pipe, tire, car. Oh and  lovely backdrop with a moon.
Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats was a good song, and they all did very well. At this point we noticed it was very movie-based, in a sense that the choreography was clearly taken straight from the movie with some minor changes that I didn’t really notice until I thought about it.  I wanna add, we noticed Alonzo had a funny accent and I guessed Mexican and I WAS RIGHT! After that, it skipped the Naming of Cats and went right into The Invitation to the Jellicle Ball, which was alright. Victoria was shaky, but she did pretty good. Instead of Quaxo coming out Mungojerrie came out. Shelby said he was Asian but I didn’t notice. lol
Then the Old Gumbie Cat Started up. It started off with Munkustrap moving from cat to cat (when he got to Alonzo it was SO cute!) and when he touched Victoria she had a freak-kitty-spazz XD it was funny. Jenny's Gumbie costume was soo awesome. My first thought was, "I wanna wear that...". Skimbleshanks surprisinly was one of the mice. Can't remember who else was, cause I was to preoccupied questioning their movtive to make him a mouse. I later realized he didn't look like much of a dance (although he was still amazing!) and he was probably given this part so he had more stage time :) the tap dance was extended (the movie actually takes out most of it! Hence why the movie sucks in my opinon) and I loved it. It's probably why that song is one of my favourites. Munkustrap, from what I saw like... tripped coming back on stage XD lmao
The Rum Tum Tugger's song was another favourite of mine. he came out and said his first line, and I immediatly confirmed that his voice was not very Tugger, but the actor was brilliant nontheless! He was very funny, but as Skimbleshanks, not as good of a dancer as the others. Stil good though, I'm not bashing anyone :P He went out into the audience as he usually does live, and dances with an audience member, making funny comments every now and then. I think he stummbled while dancing with the audience member lmfao It was an excellent song.
Grizabella the glamour cat was alright. It was better in St. Jacobs, just because the cats were really mad in St. Jacobs, and hissing and just getting really iritated. In Stirling they just kinda wandered away whlie a few approached her. The actress that played as Grizabella was really good at singing might I add, and when she sang her lines it was erie... (good erie!)
Bustopher Jones wasn't really fat, which was slightly dissapointing. But his costume otherwise was quite accurate to a London costume. His spoon was huge though, but it didn't ruin the wanted effect or anything. Several times he nearly took out some of the Jellicles with it which was amusing lmao the actor who played Bustopher also played as a different character but I can't remember which one. As he sang when he sat on the hat (can't remember if it was a hat or not) they Jellicles brought out platters of food, and I remember Demeter shaking a fish-bone in front of him and him scoffing at her lmao
When I saw Rumpelteazer peek out from over the pipe, I'm not sure why but it was cute and I laughed. They did a really good job with the choreography, but I did notice several things were different from the movie (which was great for me, because the movie is so bleh compared to most choregraphy in live productions). Their double cartwheel was oretty good, a little slow and I think they struggled with it a bit, but I was actually surprised they were able to do it! Most local productions improvise something else, so good on them! :)
When Old Deuteronomy started Shelby said, "Okay nap time." and I smacked her XD I don't know why but Lindsey and I used to love this song and sing it all the time. We just found it pretty I guess. All the cats layed on the ground, as usual, and Munkustrap and Tugger sang. Old Deuteronomy came down the far isle on the right (we were on the left) so he didnt pass us. I pointed him out to Shelbs though, cause I don't think she saw him XD
They skipped the Pekes and the Pollicles, which I figured they would, and went right into the Jellicle Ball. What was hysterical was instead of Macavity popping out brefiely, they had this thing with a mask on poke out and hide and... it was just funny XD I laughed pretty hard. Cassandra and Victoria did the opening dance (because there was no Jemima..) and Alonzo came out afterwards and said probably the most memorable line of the play, "Jellicle Cats are black and white." but in his awesome accent :D Yes, we really did love Alonzo <3 The Jellicle Ball was pretty much the same as the movie, except they skipped the Mating Dance, and went right into the Second half of the Jellicle Ball. Wow, it's bad I can't really remember it. This normally happens at CATS for me. I forget things.
Memory was pretty. When Old Deuteronomy was reaching out to her as she left, Shelby turned to me and said, "You said what happens when you get fat! You can't get down! you hurt people! You lose friends! Is that what you want Old D!" and I laughed so hard XDDD It was a good thing it was intermission because if it wasn't I probably would've gotten kicked out for being so loud.

During intermission we just went into the front lobby and hung out in the doorway leading outside... cause we're cool. People took our pictures, and someone got our autographs, and we did tell everyone we weren't in the show, so no bashing us. Also, not sure if Shelby or Kirby noticed, but I think a lesbian took our picture... because she said, "My girlfriend would love your picture. I mean.. my friend, would love to take your picture." And i mean, she was butch so... I pieced it together XD (Not saying that in a bad way! I'm gay myself so I'm only pointing it out becayse I think its awesome!).
The moments of Happiness started up, and Shelby once again said, "Nap time!" and i had to warn her cause I was going to smack her again XD lmfao And of course Victoria sang Jemima's part.  That's pretty much all that happened during this.
Munkustrap doubled as Gus, and I honestly think he did a better job as Gus than as Munkustrap. He was very true to his character. I'm not sure if it was this song or not, but I think it was; all the characters vanished off stage? It was weird. I wondered why all the characters were gone. It trailed off into growltiger, which was flippin amazing!
This is my favourite song, it always is. It's just so fun and amusing! I love Growltiger, he's a great character! His crew were very funny as well, especailly Mungojerrie and Alonzo. Munkustrap was a tool lmao but I love him anyways. When Griddblebone sang her first line when she entered, all the crew dropped their swords and daggers and were like, *gasp* lmao It was AMAZING! Then as Growltiger was singing he kept smacking Griddlebone or stepping on her tail and just flat out being stupid hahaha. There were no siamese though! No fighting scene or anything. Kinda dispointing, only because Kirby has never seen it, and I was hoping they'd have that. It's like the best part!
Skimbleshanks was adorable <3 We think he was gay, which only makes him cuter! Even if he's not he was still cute. He really suited the character and, not that I should be saying this but he had big junk XD All Skimbles do! It's true! hahahaha. But anyways, he did a really good job, he acted like how I see Skimble acting. I don't see him as an old character, sort of youngish and spunky. A but older than Bomba and Cass ya'know? The train they made was perfect; it was similar to the movie's train but honestly... it was great.
Alright so I'm going to have a moment; Demeter was friggin sexy. More so as a person than a cat, but when I was watching her dance I was thinking, "Hmm... if Shelby could read minds... this would be incredibly awkward." XDDDD Although she was hot and I wanted to pounce her ohwaitwhat?! she had spastic movements that were screwing with her microphone. She was an excellent dancer, but she moved so crazy and insane that it was intimidating... Bombalurina was alright, but she deffinarlty did not suit the sexy-character role. She seemed like a laid back Demter while Demeter acted like an over-sexed spastc Bombalurina lol but it was still good. *drools over Demeter*
Oh forgot to mention, Macavity's costume was actually really well done, and he was played by the same actor as Alonzo. He didn't have any Henches, which was alright. I personally didn't mind. He's skilled enough to pull that off.So when he returned desguised as Old D (which was rather a good disguise!) apose to only Demeter freaking out, everyone sort of caught on and hissed at him. Then Bombalurina jumped on him (instead of Demeter) and his cover was blown. The fight was pretty slow as far as fights normally go, but it was good. Although, Cassandra got kidnapped instead of Demeter. Good, I like Demeter more XD
Mr. Mistoffelees was an excellent dancer, his voice (he didn't sing in this song I'm just pointing it out) wasn't really good for Misto. But wow his dancing was great! He did a bunch of conjuring turns (unlike the video... *cough*) and it was fantastic. Cassandra was chosen as his assistant again *grr* and she vanished into the pipe and Old D appeared! lmao I say that as if I've never seen it happen before :P It was another fav song of mine, but I liked Growltiger and the Gumbie song more, just because they were terrific... <3
The last three songs were basically the same set up as any other preformance. Instead of Jemima singing, Victoria sang again. I'm sorry but I just don't like Victoria that much because she's always so mary-sue in preformances and in fanfictions. Bleh. Grizabella sang so powerfully and well! However, Shelbs and I were talking alot xD The Journey to the Heaviside Layer was really good. There was a hand that grizabella climbed up to, and lots of smoke (duh lol). It was just really well done. The Ad-Dressing of Cats was pretty simple and the same. I'm always sad at this because it's the final song D:
THE ENCORE WAS AWESOME! Only because we screamed louder at the cast lol I forgot to scream at Demeter... I was going to yell something really innapropriate but... I dunno, didn't wanna yell that with kids in the theatre. He SCREAMED at Alonzo though, and Misto,Skimble and Jenny. We screamed at them all but those were major scream-attacked ones. haha!!
After the encore we waited for a few minutes and some of the actors came out and we got pictures with them.

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