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The Junkyard
What's a Jellicle Cat?
CATS FanFiction
CATS Costuming
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I'm aware it can be hard to find exactly what you're looking for (especailly on a site like this), so I've created this page for those looking for something in particular to make their lives easier.

The Junkyard
Basically just the home page with an intro and link to updates. Also has webrings and fanlisting codes. You can also see the date of the most recent update.
What's a Jellicle Cat?
You'll find almost everything here. It's like a sub-navigation area. Here are links you'll find to area's on the site:
CATS information
  • General information about the play.
The characters of CATS
  • Character bios and information

CATS Gallery

  • A farily large gallery of CATS pictures from different parts of the world.

Productions Info

  • Productions of CATS - Broadway, American tour, Original London and the CATS video
  • Includes 'Did you know...'s, pictures, actor interviews, cast lists and more.


  • Simple a place to see news and reviews of CATS live for local and touring productions of Canada.

Are you Obsessed?

  • A short 'Are you Obsessed?' list to compare yourself to.

"The Persains and the Siamese..."

  • Here you'll find polls to vote what breed you think several characters are. (Currently closed)

Jellicle Polls

  • A bunch of polls on random questions about CATS and your opinion. (Currently closed).

CATS Videos

  • Here you can watch CATS videos on youtube that I've embedded. There are a lot of rare videos here so enjoy. (Currently unavailable)

CATS Music

  • Currently Unavailable


  • Here you'll find many puzzles to do of CATS pictures. (Currently closed)

CATS by Me

  • My cousin Lindsey and I danced to a bunch of CATS songs and posted them on youtube, and I reliazed if I put them in order it's like watching an amature production of CATS!
  • Not all the songs are finished but we're working on it.

My Awards

  • Small collection of awards the site has won.

Final Bow- The CATS Role Playing Game

  • Links to my CATS Role playing game. We're still accepting members, and we're very friendly. Stop by and say hi!

My Archive of my CATS trip reports over the years. A few of the reports inlcude pictures and expereiences meeting the cast members. It's good to read if you're new to CATS live and haven't seen it.

Simply CATS FanArt I've done from 2005 to this present day.

CATS FanFiction
Simply CATS FanFiction from Fans from all over the CATS fandom! Feel free to come submit something! As long as it's grammer, spelling and plot makes sense, it'll be posted without any problems!

CATS Costuming
Simply CATS Costuming. It includes full costuming tutorials, For Sale items, Commisions and a place to post some of your amazing costumes too! Feel free to send some in!

Leave a Paw Print
This is where you can sign my guestbook and view enteries by previous guests. I do read all the entries I recieve, but I don't reply to all of them.

Tour the CATS Fandom
A page for every CATS site I've ever been to. I want this page to hold all the CATS sites on teh web. I know that's a crazy desire, but I think it would be convenient. If your site is not posted here, please send me the link! I will gladly post it!

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