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Updates from 2004-2009
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Update: 08/22/09 12:30 am ET
Added some new CATS fanart to the site. Not much else to report here. :\

Update: 08/11/09 2:58 PM E.T
Well it appears Tripod has yet to migrate to Webon (can you see how truly amazing Tripod is? *sarcasim*) so I'm able to post the CATS Fan Meet trip Report for 2009! To put it simply, it was amazing. Just A-M-A-ZING! Please go see it, it includes pictures and info!

Update: /07/25/09 7:10 PM ET
Lot's of updates latley huh? I added a new page of CATS lyrics. Not sure why it never occured to me to add a page for that. Hmm. Also, I haven't yet been able to migrate to Webon. I mean, according to Tripod I should've been able to by now. how strange and unreliable Tripod is. If the site gets trashed due to the migration please forgive me. I will fix it, no matter what I have to do it make that happen. Oh, also added some linked banners to sites to my friends on the home page.

Update: 07/23/09 6:00 PM ET
I added some new art and added to the Are you Obsessed? page. My next update should be big since I'm migrating to Webon hopefully tomorrow, or within the next few days.

Update: 07/22/09 10:30 PM
I added a few new sites to the Links page. Remember, if your site isn't there feel free to request me post it.

Update: 07/08/09 8:05 PM ET
Nothing huge to report here. Updated the CATS fan Meet 2009, and we have a date set and some general idea of what's going on. Also added a few more drawings to the Art Section.

Update: 07/03/09 9:50 PM
Just updated the CATS Fan Meet 2009 page.

Update: 06/30/09 10:00 PM
I've added a new temporary page for the 2009 CATS fan Meet in Sterling, Ontario. If you're interested in attending please chat with us on that page in the chat box or email me.

Update: 06/10/09 10:36 PM ET
Just a quick little update! First off, I'm not dead. Just very busy due to exams and school... I will get some bigger updates going once summer starts *so excited*. I just redid the banner because it was buggin' me SO much o.o It's nicer now.

Update: 0/23/09 8:00 PM ET
Finally, after so long of putting it off the PollsBreed Polls and Puzzles are back up! I have new puzzles with pictures I've made myself. They're really nice!

Update: 04/13/09 12:21 AM
Alright, so I edited the Characters page, so now there are pictures to go along with their bios. I just went through the bios and edited them a little where it was needed. Also added Screeshots from the CATS video the the CATS gallery. And to top it all off, I added the newest fanfiction to my CATS fanfic site ;)

Update: 04/03/09 6:00 PM
I added some new Fan Art to the FanArt page. Just a few things, nothing huge. Also added a site updater to the site footer, so whenever I update the site, it'll automatically change to the last date I updated, so I don't have to keep updating it manually on the homepage ;P Last thing, I added a new site to the Links Page.

Update: 02/27/09 3:30 PM ET
Alright so I've just done some quick little updated because some things were bothering me. One of them is I added links on the navigation bar that go directly to my Costuming and Fanfiction sites so now the sites are basically connected. I just realized I could do that so that's good. Also expect to see a new Gallery section for CATS photos because I just recieved my Uk Tour/London CATS booklet ;P

Update: 02/23/09 5:15 PM ET
Added some new art and did some touch ups all over. Just a small update. Also, added a new costume at my costuming site, along with make up and other stuff.

Update: 01/19/09 10:30 PM ET
I added new art and did just a general update.. Also changed the background (its from Randominity). It wasn't exactly what I was looking for (I just wanted faded CATS eyes) but I guess it'll do till I can find a way to work photoshop without failing miserably... haha!

Update: 01/15/09 12:45 PM
Happy new year! Lets hope for a nice new year, with success and all that jazz. Updated the site, new background and such.

Update: 12/08/08 2:35 ET
Haha, I made an update exactly one month ago. Times are pretty close as well.
Added some new art, and I plan to add some new fanfiction and make up to my Costuming and Fanfitcion CATS sites.

Update: 11/08/08 1:52 PM
I added a new page in My CATS Expereinces, because the CATS fan meet in Toronto came and passed. Oh dear Heaviside it was amazing!! Also added some new art!

Update: 11/04/08 6:50 PM
I updated the CATS fan meet page. CATS is sold out!

Update: 10/18/08 11:40 PM  E.T
I updated the links page and added a few new sites. Also added a count dow tothe Toronto CATS meet to the CATS Toronto Fan Meet page.

Update: 09/22/08 4:01 PM
I added a two new pages: Actor Interviews for the american tour and i added a page for the site map. Also added new art and added new puzzles.  I fixed the banner because it was bothering me. I also renamed a couple pages. Also added a new page called 'CATS by Me'.

Update: 09/21/08 2:00 PM E.T
Toronto's Curtain Call Players is having a production of CATS in late October, Early November. I deicided it would be fun to have a CATS fan meet (even though it's just  a local production). I made a page for it here. I also added a couple new 'Are you Obsessed?'

Update: 08/25/08 5:25 AM ET
Eep. I've had a really busy summer, and sadly it's almost over. My sleeping habits are terrible and I'm havin a bad time right now.
I added a few new art peice and redid the banner because it screamed to be redone =P
I really have no idea what to add to the site. I've been trying to stay under 5.6 GB's but I went up to 5.9 ;P It sucks because te site only has 20 free GB's...

Update: 07/25/08 7:43 PM E.T
I added a new page for the 'Are you Obsessed?' list.

Update: 07/13/08 5:41 PM
YAY Happy Birthday me lol
OK so i just redid the banner using a pic from my bday =)

Update: 07/12/08 6:22 PM E.T
Yay Tomorrows my birthday =D lol I'm listening to 220... very distracting.
OK so I added a bunch of new art, since I haven't done that for awhile. Also was going to do some make up later, definatly tomorrow.

Update: 07/02/08 9:42 PM E.T
Eeeee!! My birthday is coming up! (July 13!!) Anyways...
I added an entire new section for the CATS video, which includes Did you know?'s, Cast list and Bloopers/Things to look for. It's not done yet but it will be soon.
Added new things to the costuming page, like my siamese unitard and some new make ups. I was actually going to redo that page again.
I've done little add-ins here and there. I'm looking for things to add.  Any suggestions? Leavea  comment in the comment box on the homepage.

Update: 06/01/08 3:09 AM (wow haven't done a late night update in a long time).
Meh, decided with the starting of a new month, the site deserved some updates.Added some new CATS face painting. Also added a new Codes Banner on the homepage of everything I love (and I know I left millions of things out). Also redid the site banner. Kinda stupid looking but I can live with it for the next week at least =P

Update: 05/20/08 6:22 PM
Since flash-Gear has become somewhat un-reliable with its CB (chat-box) system, I've decided to go to a different Chat-Box hosting site. Many other sites use it and they seem to work better. My conclusion: They were right ;)

Update: 05/19/08 3:30 PM
I'm so sorry about the lack of updates. I just haven't been able to conjure up a way to update. I mean sure, I can add FanArt and FanFiction and possibly new make up but I don't think thats enough. Anyways, I added new Art. If you have any idea's on how I can update the site, lemme know kay?

Update: 04/18/08 12:34 PM
I haven't been able to do a big update, only because I can't find things that need big updates... I updated things such as costumes, art, and links.

Update: 04/09/08 9:32 PM
Not to much has been done. I'm not sure what needs updating anymore. I'm sure sometime soon I'll get some real updates done. I finished my Mungojerrie costume and pictures can be found on the Cosuming Page and here. I also re-did the banner for the site so now it's me in Plato make up.

Update: 03/19/08 11:PM
I added stuff all over the place but not much. I'm trying to look for ways to make a big update but haven't had much luck. I added a new Cast list to the Productions Info page and a make up on the costumes page.

Update: 03/05/08 11:00 PM
I added some new makes ups (Mungojerrie, Mistoffelees and Pouncival) to the Costumes page.

Update: 02/24/08 10:55 PM
I've added the progress of my Mungojerrie costume. Only have the tail so far, but I'm happy with the result. Also added a new art peice.

Update: 02/20/08 8:00 PM
I removed the Fun and Games Page and moved everything to the What's a Jellicle Cat? Page Which is now more organized. Also aded a new Siamese Make up on the Costuming page

Update: 02/15/08 1:00 PM

I've gotten an award for my story 'Dance with me?'. Also added a video of CATS in Kingston.

Update: 02/01/08 11:30 AM
I added an insane amount of new art work (like 50 new pics). Took me about 3 hours to do hehe. Dedication!

Update: 01/26/08 1:30 AM
I added a new CATS photo's section for Toronto 1985.

Update: 01/23/08 8:45 PM
I added some more Art and Make up.

Update: 01/03/08 4:00 AM
I added some new costume peices for my in the progress costumes. Also added one more code to the fan banner on the home page.

Update: 12/29/07 8:40 PM
I added more make up pictures on the costumes page.

Update: 12/09/07 4:06 AM
I'll try and ignore the fact that it's 4 am and I'm updating the site... I took down the 'Catwoman's Future telling's' page because it's pointless and takes up space. Two things that = bad. I also added a new productions info page of the American Tour. Did you know's are not up yet though. Hopefully I'll get some new stuff up. Still thinking of idea's.

Update: 11/28/07 5:20 PM
I added new National Tour videos to the Videos page and took down some that were no longer available.

Update: 11/22/07 5:50 PM
I added a bunch of new links to the Tour the Junkyard page and I redid the Voter for the GJ's.

Update: 11/21/07 11:20 PM
I redid the banner again. I added words onto it. It has Tumblebrutus on it. How could ya not love it? :P

Update: 11/19/07 4:46 PM
I updated the guestbook. The old questions were lame and it's become more of a place to chat with other fans :P Which I'm completely fine with :) I also received an award from Airafleeza! *Jumps up and down happily*

Update: 11/13/07 4:00 PM
I've cleaned up the site, and made things less messy and all over the place (Mainly the 'What's a Jellicle Cat?') and of course the costuming page because it was indeed all over the place.

Update: 11/06/07 6:00 PM
I added some more thigns to the costumes page (which might I add is very messy and needs to be organized >.<) and I added a new GJ voter.

Update: 10/25/07 10:30 PM
Alright, I fixed up the report, and I added what was missing. Click here to check it out.

Update: 10/25/07 4:50 PM
As I said I would, I added pics from the UK tour. I also added a bunch of new pics from a CATS brocher i got in Toronto. I've also (finally) added my Toronto report. The report includes detailed events and pictures. Cast list, character bios and act one and two info are currently unavaiable. They will be posted soon.

Update: 10/13/07 4:45 PM
I've added a lot of new videos. I think some of the pages with videos have to many on them, so I'll have to rearange them later, if ever. Later on I'll added a few new pics from the UK CATS tour site and some other different pictures.

Update: 10/08/07
First of all: Happy 25th anniversay to CATS's opening on Broadway!! *party!* I added more pics. Thats it!

Update: 09/30/07 6:40 AM
I've moved my costuming to this site. Now, the site Catwoman's Costuming Corner is just for Costuming help and tips. It will still have the 'Special event's page' just because I don't want to move it here.

Update: 09/29/07 2:40 AM
I have added a bunch of new videos from Amsterdam on the Videos page. Just as a heads up, I'm making a new Bombalurina costume. At the moment the tail is done and the wig is nearly done. When I'm finished, I'll note it up here.

Update: 09/26/07 8:25 PM
The last 3 updates were all at 8:25 0_o thats weird... I've added more videos and art. Also I added Plato makeup to my CATS costuming site.

Update: 09/22/07 8:25 PM
I've added a chat-box on the home page so that people can talk to one another over it.

Update: 09/19/07 8:25 PM
A minor note: CATS is in one month :) I've added about... 60 new pictures to the CATS gallery. All the new ones are pictures that I just uploaded and it took me forever to upload them, resize them and edit them all. Also, I added pictures of my autographs from Kingston and St. Jacobs for people to veiw. I think thats all.

Update: 09/18/07 8:45 PM
I've changed the background (again). I dunno, the eyes were getting kinda old, so now it says CATS. At the moment, I think the home page has to much on it right now and it looks cramed and messy. I'll have to fix that or try to make it work. I've also taken down the CATS haters page because I haven't had time to redo it and it always bugs me. I added a page for my Toronto excpereince to CATS even if it just says coming soon. I fixed some type-o's. Also, changed both the front page banner and the other page(s) banner. Now the homepage has Vic in the banner, and Tugger in the other.

Update: 08/25/07 10:50 PM-
I've just fixed spelling and type-o's also took off the "Answers from Others" off the quiz cause that's pretty much the same as cheating right?

Updated: 08/23/07 1:00 PM-
I've updated the Utlimate Jellicle Quiz and added awards for people to take to show they did the quiz. The quiz is a lot better now having questions that make sence... Also I made a new banner for the site. The one for the home page is staying the same untill I desire a new one. Also a new background. I decided a picture made everything look kinda cramed together so I decided just to use the eyes. I also went around just fixing up type-o's and errors around the site. I've taken down SAJA. I don't know why, I just seem to see no point in keeping it up any longer. *sigh*

Update: 08/22/07 7:40 PM
I've added my newest CATS report. Also, I've just recently found out that I'm going to attend CATS in Toronto! I've always wanted to see it there and now I'll finally get my chance. Can't wait! I'm so excited!

Update: 08/13/07 4:06 AM
I've added lots more videos, mainly to the uknown/community productions section. This site is ideal for CATS videos I'd say. youtube provides such a wide variety of CATS videos. It's easier to have them to be here where they can be seen in one spot. I'm not claiming all youtube's CATS videos are here, I'm just saying a lot of them are here. More are surly to be added, so swing by anytime.

Update: 08/06/07 7:14 PM
I added more videos. Yeah I'm kinda into watchong CATS videos on :P You expect to see every kinda CATS vid here lol

Update: 07/31/07 11:42 PM
I've added a What does this site need? page because i would love to know what others want in a site. It could help me improve and ge tmore visitors commin here and a batter rating at the Golden Jellicles. Please check it out and leave some feedback.

Update: 07/26/07 5:26 PM
I just added yet another video to the CATS video's page. It's from the Korean final tour. Gotta love it :)

Update: 07/25/07 7:06 AM
I added Bio's for the characters of CATS on the What's a jellicle Cat?! page. I've also created a banner celebrating 3 years on the web! Very fun and exciting years, I've learned a lot about site making and have made numerous friends through it.

Update: 07/18/07 10:38 PM E.T
I just added more art. Gotta love art :)

Update: 07/03/07 1:00 AM E.T-
I've changed the background and added new banners. The front page now has a banner with Victoria posted on it and the rest of the site has Mistoffelees on a banner. The rest of the sites too will be updated but the banners are different. Costuming has Electra on the banner and Fan-Fiction has Sillabub on the banner. I went through the site correcting grammer and such.

Updated: 06/27/07 6:30 AM E.T
I've added more fan art to the art page. Also updated the Costuming site. I forgot to mention that I took down the art site. It was just to much of a hastle updating that site so often. I mainly made it because of lack of disk space, but now I used links instead so I have more space for pictures.

Updated: 06/21/07 4:13 PM E.T
I've updated the videos page again, and its more organized. Many videos are up now so why don't'cha check it out? Click here!!

Updated: 06/19/07 11:20 PM E.T
I've organized the CATS videos page and added a page about me on the Whats a Jellicle Cat Page. And I think thats all.

Update: 06/06/07 2:20 AM E.T
Oh my Heavyside I've done a lot!! OK to start, did MAJOR updates on the Links page and the CATS photo Page. Updated the calender, moved somethings around the site.I changed the background so its darker so its easier to read the typing. Created some new pages and such. Honestly, I don't remember everything i did at the moment. I'll just let you look around and see.

Update: 4/21/07 3:33 PM E.T
I added a video to the videos page. Its fromthe orignal Broadway cast. Its kinda bad quality but I thinks its fanastic!

Update: 04/15/07 5:30 PM E.T
I've added a huge picture page for CATS. Theres a lot of pitures set up there. Its loctaed on the What's a jellicle cat?! page.

Update: 4/12/07- 10:30 AM ET
I've added a chat room. Have fun :)

Update: 04/11/07 9:30 PM E.T
Well, I've added more puzzles and more polls to the jellicle games and entertainment page. I've changed the background of the site, updated the calender a bit. this background will be added to the other sites as well. I've added a small banner on my footer showing the fanlistings I've joined. It's linked to the GoldenJellicles since all the Fanlistings have links on it.
Note: Please  do not take my background for use on your own site, it took me awhile to make it (i kept messing up :P) so please don't take it. Thanks.

Update: 03/25/07 10:15 PM ET
Not to much was added, i made a CATS video section in the Jellicle Games section. In the future U hope to add more polls, and some new things to my site, like more info ect.

Update: 03/14/07 5:41AM ET
WOW, my site has gone under a lot of construction 0_0 I've added a games page (The jellicle Games). ALso went through the site, changed some pictures around, updated the calender, fixed some spelling, orgainize dmore and deleted some pages. Some have only been moved. The Music and Videos page is in the games page. The Second cats video petition is on the What's a Jellicle Cat?! page. SAJA has been moved from the Navagation to the The sickness of CATS haters page, theres a link for it there. Well, thats all i can think of that i did, bu ta lot has changed.

Update: 03/13/07 8:55 PM ET
I have deleted my forum because I've decided that it's better to use the RPG as forum as well. I don't usually look at both the RPG and forum at the same time and now it's easier to check up on. I updated my Art site and added new art and the requests are on the way!

Update: 02/22/07 4:05 PM
I added mt RPG and forum links and the RPG is in need of members! Please join its completely free and I think there so much fun! Join the RPG and forum! Click here to see the links!

Update: 02/21/07 6:01 PM
Omg I've actually updated the site before the time I'm suppose to go to bed teehee! Anyways, I've re-typed the Sickness of CATS haters page because it was bugging me.... Don't ask. Also just fixed some type-o's. Nothing HUGE. Also I made a new banner for my site. It's not for the site it's a linking banner. I'm working on a new one that will also be put up. Click here to see them!

Update:02/20/07 12:26AM
Man these late night updates are killing me! Anyways, I've updated the site. I've finally learned how to put the golden Jellicles voter on my site. Heck knows if it will work or not. Also I've taken down the links to me site that were on the bottom of EVERY page cause it was bugging me. I new link for my site has been made. Go to then Tour the CATS Fandom page to see it. I think it Booty-ful!

Update: 02/08/07 12:06 AM
I have added a forum to the site. It was inspired by other forums and specail thanks to Cassandra for opening one herself! *hugs* Also thanks to Des for being my first member *bigger hugs* Please go there and register for free! Click here!

Update: 01/29/07
I have somewhat given up on the SAJA (Save a Jellicle) idea. I recieved a nasty email about it and have taken it down until further notice. I still support it, but wonder if it was a good idea. Please (as I said before) leave any negative comments to yourself.

Update: 01/29/07 1:30 AM ET
A quick little update. I added like 6 or 7 new vids onto my Catwoman's Jellicle Music Box Page. It was ment to be only Music but now that I have a youtube account I can post video's for your enjoyment!

Update: 01/29/07 12:53 ET
 I have updated quite a few things here. I have updated the The sickness of CATS haters page. I added new banners i have recently found on the web. There quite nice! If you have any you wouldlike to send in please feel free! Also I added a whole new page in the Save a Jellicle Act. I never thought about making a page for that up until now. Save a Jellicle Act (also known as SAJA) was an email I sent around for a listing for Jellicles againts CATS haters! For more information click here to go to that page!

Update: 01/22/07
I have added more information to What's a jellicle cat?! . Now there is info on the original preformance and Broadways preformace! Maybe things have been updated! Also, I updated my costuming! Now there are pictures for The photo shoot and my newest Bombalurina modificaitons! Next, I will be adding more to the What's a jellicle Cat page, and might update my art area! (Might)

Update: 01/18/07 1:06 PM ET
I am getting rather bored of the new Catwoman's Jellicle Junkyard sign so I am also added the old one as well. I added yet another story to Catwoman's Library. Go there to see it! I am also adding a tribute to CATS: The original London production and the Broadway production on the What's A Jellicle Cat? page.

Update: 01/03/07 6:54PM ET
I have changed the Catwoman's Jellicle Junkyard sign so it now has a picture of me in front of my CATS sign. I rather like it. I love how the flash didn't go so it just has the light of the setting sun across my face. Lovely picture. I also updated the Calander on Catwoman's Future Tellings so it now is 2007. I will  be taking down the What did Catwoman get for Christmas? page down because it is so pointless...

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