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CATS Art 2005
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Alonzo- With a weird-o looking gun.
Etcetera- I was drawing each character to learn what they looked like, neck up.
Etcetera- Swinging from some Christmas lights! Drawin before Christmas.
Grizabella- One of the only pics I've ever drawn of her.
Jemima- Jemima was my favourite character when I was younger, and I used to draw her all the time.
Jemima- Another Jemima. At the time I was really proud of this picture.
Jemima- Sitting in a Christmas Hat! Very cute. Drawn around Christmas.
Jemima- Drawn at school during French. Oh my gosh that teacher was awful.
Jemima- With a gun- a very odd looking gun.
Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer- Drawn as real Cats! I really love this picture, no matter how old it is!
Old Deuteronomy- Drawn for a music assignment hen I used 'Th Moments of Happiness'.
Skimbleshanks- Drawn from a screencap I took from my bonus CATS disc. I like the guy who played Skimble and wanted to draw him!

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