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CATS Art 2006
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Alonzo- Drawn as a real Cat.
Bombalurina- Drawn as an actual Cat. 
Bombalurina- All Christmas-y, wearing a Santa hat. Drawn as a real Cat in pencil.
Bombalurina- Drawn in the early hours of my birthday.
Demeter- Looking very sad.
Etcetera- a doodle during a very boring georgraphy class...
Etcetera- A random drawing I found that I don't even remember drawing.
Macavity- Very scary and badly drawn! I didn't like it at the time I drew it ether. Have no idea why I kept it.
Mistoffelees- Drawn on my birthday (4am of my birthday) when I was fully awake and couldn't sleep.
Mistoffelees- Can't remember when it was drawn, but I love how it turned out. If you invert the colours of the picture, Mistoffelee's lit up hand looks really neat.
Munkustrap- A doodle during geography. I actually like it. The moon drawn in pen kind of ruins it but oh well.
Munkustrap- A christmas doodle, done in geography.
Munkustrap- Drawn during Math. Done in Marker.
Munkustrap- Drawn after my Religon exam.
Munkustrap- Drawn while I was away in London seeing CATS. I still like this drawing.
Munkustrap- the first drawing I did of 2006.
Munkustrap and Demeter- Another doodle as result of geography. I think I drew more in that class then I did on art class (I'm not even kidding). Drawn in pencil.
Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer- I didn't like this pic at the time I drew it ether. Teazer's face is funny, so is Jerrie's. I like his foot though =D
Pouncival- As a marine holding a gun, that not only is drawn funny, but it's a shotgun, with a scope. That doens't even make sence! I was new to drawing guns...
Sillabub- Drawn in excitment for my first time seeing CATS (april 24th).
Sillabub- When I got home from London, I was sad that my CAS expereience was over...
Skimbleshanks- A broadway style Skimble done during lunch.
Tumblebrutus- Playing with some holly. Drawn before Christmas.
Tumblebrutus- Drawn in the early hours of my birthday.
"Up to thea heavyside Layer!"- Drawn for Religon. My Religon teacher was Old Deuteronomy during the summer of '06 so I thoguht he would understand it. I got an A! =D

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