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Alonzo- As a real cat! I really love this picture, Alonzo looks so cute.
Alonzo- Done in pastels to expereiment for an art assignment.
Bombalurina- A Very Cartoony looking Bombalurina. I wanted to try this style, and I'm never doing it again. I just can't draw in that style well.
Bombalurina- I wanted to try and draw Bomba on a large pad of paper I had. I was relly proud of how it turned out.
Bombalurina- I drew it in art class (of all places) because I was done the assignment. Drawn in pencil.
Bombalurina- Drawn on one of my 'not so good days'. Bomba is crying. I wasn't crying but I just felt depressed.
Bombalurina- This is what Bomba looked like in St. Jacobs. Yes, she looked like a leapord.
Bombalurina- Another St. Jacobs Bombalurina.
Bombalurina- Based off my story "Make war not love: Part 2". Bombalurina was very angry.
Bombalurina- based off of a story that will never reach the net called 'CATS vs ALIENS' lol XD
Bombalurina and Queenie- Queenie is Mistoffelees' twin sister. Based off a Role Play my friend and I did.
Bombalurina- Looking very seductive. Drawn in Religon Class, when we were watching some movie. I beleive it was The Passion.
Bombalurina- When I was in Jamaica, I drew this. A random doodles I drew while lounging around that beautiful pool.
Bombalurina- A patined picture. I suck at painting.
Bombalurina- Another painted pic! I still suck a painting! lol
Bombalurina- (wow lots of Bomba drawings o.O) A Broadway/random style Bomba.
Demeter- Drawn at the same time as a Rumpelteazer. Design is based off of the American Tour (since I don't usually draw her like that).
Demeter- I got in sooo much trouble from my art teacher for drawing this. I got lectured bout it for like 5 mins. Demeter got stabbed, a wanring for blood.
Demeter and Alonzo- My friend loves this couple and it was drawn for her. I like the way Alonzo looks but not Demeter...
Electra- Done in pastels to expereiment for an art assignment.
Jemima- Another drawn in art class. I don't like the way it looks. it looks out of proportion and that really bother's me in art. Drawn in pencil.
Jemima- I was and still am very proud of this picture. I dunno why. I drew it during lunch. I used to draw a lot during lunch. Not so much anymore. Drawn in pencil.
Jemima- A doodle during Art. I think I was planning the protrait I was doing.
Jellylorum- I was browsing through a costuming site (beleive it was *Asterix*'s) and I saw an authentic Jellyorum unitard and fell in love with the design.
Jellylorum and Electra- I know my signature states this was drawn in 2006, but I know it was 2007. This is what Jellylorum and Electra looked like in St. Jacobs. (Jelly's wig wasn't this style though).
Jemima- Drawn just before my birthday. I wanted to draw Jem with a party hat! lol
Macavity- Drawn while Sara was helping Dana with her geography homework... I hate geography... Drawn in pencil.
Macavity- Drawn in the early morning hours of my birthday.
Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer- Another festy christmas picture. "Merry Christmas!"
Munkustrap- A was doodling and drew Munkustrap. Drawn in pencil.
Munkustrap- Testing out some paints. I'm really no good at painting XD Well with oil paints. I'm better with Water colour personally.
Old Deuteronomy- In dedication to Fred Love, Old D in St. Jacobs.
Plato- I was bored and hadn't drawn Plato much in the past. I really liked how it came out. Just the brown and gray colours.
Plato- Drawn with pastel like things that my art teacher gave me. I was expereiment thing with them.
Plato- German style. When I got my german CATS book, I saw him and fell in love with his design. I even did the make up =P lol
Pouncival- I wanted to learn Pouncival in the broadway style, and I now love drawing him like this. (making a similar costume too).
Pouncival- American tour style, wearing a santa hat and sitting in a gift box! I was feeling festy! One of many christmas drawings I did.
Rumpelteazer- Drawn just before christmas because I was bored. Design is based off of a broadway pic I found.
Rumpelteazer and Victoria- Another festy Christmas pic! "Let is Snow!"
Skimbleshanks- Another art class draiwng, but not for art. Just a doodle. Drawn in pencil.
Skimbleshanks-  Skimbleshanks... jumping... or dancing... or both!
Tumblebrutus- Drawn in french. I hated french so much... With a passion... and yet, I still attempt to speak french all the time. I get that habit from my mom =P
Tumblebrutus- A tumbling Tumblebrutus. Well he's doing a handstand but whatever. I drew this in math. Another class I hate with a passion.
Tumblebrutus- Another festy Christmas picture!
Victoria- Looking up from the car at the moon. Picture was drawn in pen.
Victoria- Cartwheeling. Drawn in pencil.
Victoria and Jemima- Another festy Christmas picture."Let it snow!"
Victoria and Plato- Nuzzling. Drawn for Maddie. God, I messed up Plato's hand while outlining it =P
Victoria and Plato- A redraw of the pic above since I hated it XD

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