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CATS Art 2008
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Alonzo- Acting cool by leaning on a wall...
Alonzo- Drawn out of pure bordem,
Bombalurina and Demeter- Sharing a soft kiss. Warning: Femslash
Cat and M- Something I drew on one of those days where i just thought, "Why is she straight >.<"
Catwoman and Miranda- Just one of those days...
Catwoman and Vimala- Based off of a silly thing VImala (aka x22x) and I thought about on msn =P
Constance- Coni is my misunderstood Jellicle. She looks like she was born of something evil, but she's really just a regular queen under all that scary. Some of the Jellicles believe she is a vampire beause of her over developed teeth. Over the years of torment and bullying, Coni developed problems socailizing and problems dealing with anger and is easily upset and infuriated.
Constance- Just to give an idea of what she looks like.
Coricopat- An illustraion for my fanfiction 'Helpless Dreamer'
Demeter and Pouncival- for a FanArt contest on my RPG.
Demeter and Rum Tum Tugger- Demeter isn't to fond of Tugger....
Elliot and Talon- Elliot is my OC, Talon is Moonseekers OC. On Final Bow they're mates.
Haley- I drew my younger cousin as a Jellicle
Jean- My lovely Original Character.
Jean and Gilbert- xx2x (aka Vimala) and I love this pairing. Jean and Gilbert are like peanut butter and Jelly only fuzzier.
Jean and Gilbert- Jeans eye bugs the crap out of me in this picture.
Lindsey- I drew my other younger cousin as a Jellicle
Mariska- Another OC character. I haven't used her in a role play yet, but I have done make up of her before. Yes, she based off Mariska Hargitay. That woman will be mine one day... XD
Mariska- Just a head shot of her, with more colour in her wig.
Miranda- based off someone at my school; I adore her. Love is more like it XD
Mistoffelees- I don't know why I drew this. I drew it in Marketing Class cause it was so boring,
Mungojerrie- A doodle I did while watching CSI
Mungojerrie- As Spiderman, a little comic I did while I was bored.
Mungojerrie: Drawn after Talent show. Its kind of a mix between the UK Mungojerrie and American Mungojerrie.
Mungojerrie- Had Mungojerrie on the brain while I was at the cottage and this was created.
Mungojerrie (happy Birthday Card)- I painted this for my mums friend Kimi. It's not that great, but I'm glad it made her happy.
Mungojerrie and Cassandra- On my RPG, a few of us thought this pairing was very cute.
Munkustrap- A birthday card I made for a friend.
Munkustrap- Ment to resemble when Munkustrap first comes out in the CATS video.
Munkustrap- Sitting on the car
Munkustrap- Just a drawing in my art sketchbook.
Munkustrap and Demeter- Drawn for Ellie. Also features Munkustrap and Demeter's Kittens.
Munkustrap and Mungojerrie- A poster I made in Careers class. I had to pick a Canadian Right and make a poster for it. I got 9/10 because I spelt innocent wrong >_<
Plato- Is a bunny? Happy Easter =D
Plato- Just because he's that great.
Plato- Being furrytastic
Plato- His eyes really bother me...
Plato, RumpusCat, Macavity- I drew Plato with Macaity and Rumpus cat in the back ground (even though Admetus plays Rumpuscat, but so does Alonzo! Don't forget him!).
Pouncival- Very broadway crossed with the tour V design.
Pouncival- I was bored at my Aunts house and I drew him.
Pouncival- just haning out in the junk.
Pouncival- In ALIEN (Ridley Scott film) H.R Giger designed an Alien monster that plants eggs in a hosts chests and then once it reaches maturity it bursts through the hosts chest. This is an illustration for a fanfic that never reached the net called CATS Vs. Aliens [WARNING:blood and gore]
Raphael: Eliaza's OC. He's a darling and his design is beautiful.
Reef- My HenchCat OC. His hero is Vimala's (AKA x2's) character Chaos.
RumpusCat- A very rough sketch of RumpusCat, done after a History test. Done in blue pen. 
RumpusCat and Tai-Lee- Tai-Lee is my siamese OC. He was henchcat to Macavity, but killed Vylah (henchcat) to save the Jellicles and was banished from Macavity's tribe. He currently resides with the Jellicles. This is from a scene on my RPG.
Seabreeze- Originally Seabreeze was the name of a Dragon from my 'Spread your Wings' story, but I decided to make a Mer-Cat that resembled her.
Seffina- Vimiala's (AKA x2's) character
Skimbleshanks- I know he looks very unproportionate, but it's because of the angle Ii took the picture on =\
Skimbleshanks and Rumpelteazer- I was bored while I was at the cottage during the first week of July so I drew this while laying in the sun.
Sorhaitz- (pronounced, sor-etz) A roush sktech based off of my teacher (for Civics/Carrers last year) who I absolutly adore. She is definatly my favourite teacher.
Tantomile- A German style Tantomile. I worked harder on colouring it than I did drawing it. Personally don't like it as much on the computer. It's nicer in person.
Tumblebrutus- Lindsey drew Tumblebrutus in her sktech book and I drew her on in the same sktech book.
Tumblebrutus and Demeter- Electra's sister suggested this one.
Victoria- A doodle I drew at my aunts. Drawn in pencil.
Waverly- My darling HenchCat OC.
Yulia- Name is from the russain pop singer 'Yulia Volkova' but her personality and mystic powers are based off of Alice Cullen from the 'Twilight Saga'

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