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Bill Bailey - Just sitting on the care, enjoying himself.
Bombalurina and Demeter- Yeah that's right, Macavity's not there!
Demeter- I found the Demeter in Stirling to be very attractive... mostly because the actress who played her was incredibly hot but ya'know... ;)
Demeter- A portrait if Demeter that I am really not happy with... her eyes are my least favourite aspect of this picture and they were what I was aiming to has as my focal point. Sort of regret it now.
Demeter, Macavity and Munkustrap- A funny idea I had for Valentines Day ;) Macavity turns nice and wants Demeter's heart, and Munkustrap is so... jealous/shocked/confused XD
Elliot and Talon- Elliot and Talon are mates on Final Bow. Talon (c) to Mooni.
Griddlebone and Demeter- I wanted to try a new femslash pairing and I really like this one. It could be because I'm very pleased with the outcome of this drawing, or that I just think thet look good together. *shrug*
Jaimee- based off of someone at my school. I think I made her look to awesome, considering I've come to realize she's not very nice =\ Aw well. I can always just say she's a random OC not based off of anyone at all =D
Jane and Yulia- On Final Bow, Jane is in love with Yulia, but Yulia is mates with Doon Harrow, and although Yulia really likes Jane she can't bring it upon herself to leave Doon.
Jane and Yulia - Based on a little RP Kirby and I did over msn.
Jane Yulia and Doon Harrow - Jane wants Yulia, but Yulia is in love with Doon, her actual mate. Of course it pains Jane to see them together.
P!nk- Yeah, that insanly hot, crazy out there popstar, as a cat. Don't judge me. P!nk is the best thing since sliced bread.
Percival - My little OC created for Final bow. He's very much like Demeter, only far worse. He's skittish and paranoid, due to abuse from Macavity (creative I know..). Unlike Demeter, Percival finds it hard to trust other cats, no matter how close he is to them.
Pouncival- Rebelling; he will not sit quietly now that he has finished his exam XD
Pouncival- Looking quite mature and grown up. He's become a little hottie, yes? ;)
Plato Doodlez- As it says, doodles of Plato. I dunno, I was thinking about Jess in English, and about her kickass Plato costume :3
Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer - Up to no good I assure you.
Munkustrap- Just a little potrait I did while being quite bored during the summer. His eyes were what I mainly focused on. I wanted them to stand out.
Sillabub- While drawing this I was very angry at a situation going on... it involved and ex and my best friend. That's all.
Shelby- For a banner thats still in the works for Final Bow, this si Shelby (aka Jemima) as a cat. She was like obsessed with this picture XD

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