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  • A fire had set in the Winter Garden Theatre?
  • In one preformance, one actor got his tooth stuck in a womans tail while dancing?
  • Many fans wore home made costumes to the show?
  • One of wigs caught fire!?
  • Ken Page was the Broadway Deuteronomy?
  • After kids saw the show they not only loved it, they wanted to see it over and over again?
  • They took out Grumbskin?
  • They took out Ghengis, Gilbert, Electra, Admetus, George, Bill Bailey and Jemima's name was then changed to Sillabub?
  • There was a Pouncival and Carbuckety? 
  • Now and forever was really something the media repeated so often it became part of the theatrical language?  
  • Marlene Danielle stayed with CATS for 19 years? She started off as a swing for Bombalurina then became Bombalurina. She is probably the greatest actress for that part. Beautiful voice!
  • that in the book of the musical, in the first picture form the song Skimbleshanks the railway cat, they say in the picture there is Skimble, Tumblebrutus and Bombalurina, but in fact that is Demeter not Bombalurina?
  • CATS is the longest running british musical in the world?
  • CATS won over 7 different awards on broadway?
  • Rumpelteazer and mungojerrie's costume are very different on Broadway then in other productions? (it was later changed though)
  • Michael Gruber played Munkustrap?
  • Jacob Brent played Mr. Mistoffelees
  • Rumpelteazer was spelt 'Rumpleteazer? (Althoguh I think ether way is fine)
  • There was a huge firework display on the night of the final preformance?
  • It was said CATS would one day come back to broadway? (many fans are hoping this to be true)
  • It came to broadway on October.7, 1982 and ended on September.10,  2000? (It played for nearly 19 years)

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