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  • Melinda Hall (Victoria) was in an accident and someone had to stand in for her?
  • Bethany Moore (Bombalurina) wanted to be in CATS since she was young?
  • Kristy Cavanagh (Rumpelteazer) saw CATS when it was on Broadway and it became her favourite show?
  • Felix Hess (Skimbleshanks) returned to the tour after be was in it in 2001? (I think... date might be wrong)
  • In the tour, the cast is taught to put on their own make up and do their own before every preformance?
  • Over time, the cast can usually do their make up in 15-45 mins?
  • When a cast member leaves the cast, they always exit through the oven during the encore?
  • they cast does a 15 mins warm up before going into make up and costume?
  • Dave Schoonover left the show in October 2007?
  • By 2008 it was Andrew Parker Greenwood's (Mungojerrie) third year in CATS?

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