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  • Michael Gruber (Munkustrap) Played Munkustrap on Broadway?
  • Jacob Brent (Mistoffelees) played Mistoffelees on Broadway?
  • Ken Page (Old Deuteronomy) was the original Broadway Old Deuteronomy?
  • Elaine Paige (Grzabella) was the original 1981 Grizabella, since Judi Dench fell off the stage and broke her ankle?
  • Femi Tayler (Exotica) played Tantomile in the 1981 first production of CATS?
  • Veerle Casteleyn (Jemima) was dubbed in the video?
  • Jo Gibb and Drew Varley (Rumpelteazer and Mungojerrie) Were dubbed, but only for the laugh in the first couple seconds of the song?
  • The video featured a 90 peice orchestra?
  • John Patridge (Rum Tum Tugger) played Rum Tum Tugger in Berlin in 2005?
  • Veerle Casteleyn (Jemima) played as Jemima in the Dutch tour of CATS in 2006/07?
  • Drew Varley (Mungojerrie) played as Macavity in London?
  • Aeva May (Demeter) played as Demeter in London in the 90's?
  • Rosemarie Ford (Bombalurina) played as Grizabella in the West End?
  • Grizabella is Rosemarie Ford's favourite role?
  • Sir John Mills passed away three years after CATS was filmed? (R.I.P Sir John)

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