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Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats
  • When Cassandra first comes out, if you look in the top left hand corner, you can see movement from someone. (Skimbleshanks?)
  • Right before Pouncival gets a short close up on the chair, you can see him start to swing up  in the top right hand corner.
  • After Grizabella says, "When you're walking alone?" right after she exits stage right.
  • When Coricopat sings, "Are you tense when you sence, there's a storm in the air?" you can see Deuteronomy stand up form behind the tire.
  • When Jemima sings, "Can you find your way blinde, when you're lost in the street?" You can see Asparagus's knee sticking out to her right.
  • After Deuteronomy sings, "Do you know how to go to the heavyside layer, you can see Pouncvial attempting to dance up near the chair.
  • You can also see Victoria come up beside Alonzo from the car.
  • When Tumblebrutus tumbles out, you can see Plato jump out from behind the pipe.
  • When Cassandra sings, "Were you there when the pharo's commisions the sphynx?" Etectera is suddebly magically lying down!
  • While the Jellicles are dancing around just before Etcetera flys out on the trapez, you can see Etectera with Ademtus behind her.
  • When Jennyanydots sings the high C, Pouncival covers his ears and cringes (lol), Tugger and Munkus make the weirdest faces, Electra and Teazer look at her like she's insane and Tumble looks as if he's gasping.
  • When the boot falls, Pouncival looks shocked! (and insulted)
  • When the do a close up on Tugger, Munkustrap and Alonzo during the line, "Life to the everlasting Cat," Munkustrap looks shocked/he did something wrong.
  • "Felines, fearless, faithful and true," Look at how angry Pouncival looks lol!
  • After they disperse from the group on the tire, when they are running and doing split jumps, you can see Asparagus and Jellylorum get out of the crowd up near the pipe and wait till they stop

The Naming of Cats

  • When it firsts starts, Munkustrap's face is blocked by Bombalurina's head.
  • Plato's head is blocked by Tumblebrutus' as well.
  • When they say, "... and that is the name that you never will guess." you can see Ademtus hop a little to keep his balance as everyone is moving apart.
  • When Victoria crawls away, the colour on Mungojerrie, Coricopat, Etcetera, Skimbleshanks and Exotica is all funky.
  • When they say, "When you notice a cat in a profound meditation..." keep watching Tugger's hands, he sets on on Apsaragus' shoulder and then the other one makes these funky hand movements!

The Invatation to the Jellicle Ball

  • At the very beginning, you can see Quaxo get into the pipe and wait for his que.
  • After Victoria falls into the splits, when she's balancing on her shoulders and making circular motions in the air with her feet, you can see movement in the light stage right.
  • As soon as Quaxo comes out and the music picks up, you can see Munkustrap come out up above the pipe.

The Old Gumbie Cat

  • When Munkustrap turns around, look out excited Pouncival gets!
  • When Munkustrap nuzzles Alonzo, Cassandra holds her hand out for a handshake or something, and Munkustrap just ignores her.
  • A little before Munkustrap nuzzles Alonzo, you can see Bombalurina freeze when she comes closer to Asparagus, and they stare at one another then he nudges her leg and life goes on...
  • When Quaxo 'strikes a pose', look at Tumblebrutus' expression. He shakes his head at him.
  • Then when Quaxo gets 'shunned' by the other kittens, Tumblebrutus runs off.
  • When Munkustrap sings, "With Tiger stripes," Jemima looks like she's petting Cettie?!
  • When Munkustrap sings, "And leopard spots," look at Plato behind Teazer, he looks so playful!
  • When Munkustrap sings, "Or on the steps," and turns to Quaxo, Quaxo gives him this look and points at him as if saying, "Oh gotcha!" then runs to the car to open it. Skimbleshanks sees Quaxo coming and moves out of the way.
  • When Jennyanydots rolls out of the trunk, Coricopat takes her hand to balance her. (What a gentlemen!)
  • Throughout the scene Asparagus is chillian in the pipe...
  • Then all of a sudden Exotica appears next to Asparagus in the pipe when Jennyanydots sings, "Music, corcheting and tatting." to the kittens dressed as mice.
  • When the three queens sing, "... The Gumbie Cats work is but hardley begun; she thinks that the cockroaches," Pouncival comes out and wiggles his hips.
  • When the queens sing, "...helpful botscouts!" you can see Pouncival talking to Asparagus and Exotica.
  • Right before Munkustrap takes off Jennyanydots' big coat and the beetles start coming out, one is magically in the car trunk!
  • Right before they all start tap dancing, you can see Pouncival sitting in the oven. (he sits there through the entire tap number)
  • Before Jenny yells/sings, "Up!" you can see Pouncival get up and come next to the stack of tires waiting for his cue.
  • When they get out of line formation, one of the cockroaches in the back jump up on the car? (why?)
  • When Jennyanydots comes over to Bombalurina, Demeter, Munkustrap, Asparagus and Skimbleshanks, you can see Pouncival already out of his beetle costume.

Rum Tum Tugger

  • Spit flys out of Munkustrap's mouth when the music starts.
  • You can see Pouncival chewing on his foot behind Munkustrap and Jennyanydots in that same shot.
  • Pouncival does a backflip off the steps near the tire! (wow!)
  • When Tugger comes down off the car you can see the beetles exiting stage right.
  • When Tugger sings, "If you put me in a house i would much prefer a flat," you can see Pouncival jump up on the tire and sort of mimick Tugger's movements.
  • When Tugger sings, "If you set me on a mouse," you can see Plato holding a white ball that Tugger is gonna kick off into the set.
  • When everyone sings, "The Rum Tum Tugger is a curious cat!" after he does three groin thrusts on his knees, Skimbleshanks PUSHES Ademtus off the car!!
  • When Tugger sings, "and there isn't any use for you to doubt it!" Look at Tumblebrutus shake his hips!
  • When Tugger sings, "And there's no doing anything abou-," when its a short close up of Plato, look at Tumblebrutus' chest thrust in the background!
  • Right after Plato's close up, when the camera is back on Tugger, look at Ademetus' face in the background.
  • Before Tugger tickles under Jemima's chin, you can see Bombalurina behind the group of toms (stage right) with her arms flailing in the air. (?)
  • While Bombalurina sings, "The Rum Tum Tugger us a curious beast," you can see Ademtus join the group of toms (Stage right) but approches Pouncival as if asking to join them.
  • Look at Munkustraps posture up on the tire while Tugger sings, "...then i always want a feast," he has his arms crossed and looks very displeased.
  • When Tugger sings, "If you offer me cream then I sniff and sneer," Rumpelteazer and Skimbleshanks are talking up on the car and Skimbleshanks looks annoyed and she looks hyper and excited!
  • Right before Tugger says, "No." Skimbleshanks is leaning to the right (his left) trying to see what's going on.
  • Right after Tugger hip bumps Bombalurina away, the toms and queens all look as if they're laughing.
  • After Tugger sings, "...cause there's nothing i enjoy like a horrible muddle." You can see Quaxo up on the pipe, scratching the wood.
  • After Tugger rolls away from Demeter, you can see Coricopat in the background near the oven.
  • Right after the shot of Tugger and Demeter, Plato does his own little solo behind everyone where he shakes his knees!
  • After that, you can see Victoria is a little behind and runs to join the lineup of Jellicles dancing as Tugger walks in front of them.
  • When it does a close up of Skimbleshanks, Asparagus, Jennyanydots and Jellylorum, look at Alonzo in the background. He has te most confsued expression on his face!
  • When Tugger does his first little hip shake for the kittens, you can see Pouncival rub his bum on Bombalurina's leg!
  • During Tugger's second hip shake, Bombalurina shakes her hips as well, and Tumblebrutus watches her like, whoa!
  • Then during his last hip shake, watch Ademtus Stage left try to copy him. He's adorable!
  • Right after Tuggger covers Ectcetera's mouth, look at Jemima's expression. "Er... ok?"
  • When the music picks up again, Watch Ademtus run in Tugger's direction. He's got running-cutness-disorder!
  • After Tugger is shaking his hips up on the pipe, and then starts moving towards the car Plato does a little spin.
  • Right before Tugger exists, he mouths a curse at Grizabella.

Grizabella: The Glamour Cat

  • After Skimlbeshanks pulls Jemima away from Grizabella, you can see Pouncival dart up in the right hand corner, and Tumblebrutus follows him.
  • When Jennyanydots goes between Electra and Grizabella, you can see Tumblebrutus and Pouncival talking in the background,
  • When Jennyanydots shakes her head at Grizabella you can see Tumblebrutus and Plato push Poucnival to the front of the stage.
  • You can tell Skimbleshanks is angry at him for doing it, look at Skimbles expression when Pouncival slides towards the pipe.
  • After Cassandra walks passed Grizabella, watch her and Alonzo play 'touchy-feely' with each other. (lol)

Bustopher Jones: The Cat about Town

  • When Bombalurina sings, "Infact he's remarkably, fat." Look at Pouncival come hoping down the steps.
  • When the toms are singing, "...Is the smartest of names..." you cans ee Skimbleshanks running around in the background with the big hat on his head.
  • Right before Skimbleshanks dusts the hat off with his tail, you can see Exotica off stage right sitting with the other queens and she's wearing her striped costume insetad of her dark brown costume
  • Right before Bustpher sits down you can see Victoria leaning against Jellylorum front stage right.
  • When Quaxo lips his lips when Bustopher saysm "Rice pudding," look at Ademtus' expression in the background.
  • When Bustopher hands Jennyanydots the flower, you can see Exotica in the background back in her brown unitard.

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer

  • Right as Mungojerrie says, "Mungojerrie..." you can see fuzz come off his wig.
  • When they're sitting on their bums and turning slowly, Mungojerrie's foot grazes Rumpelreazer's leg.
  • When Rumpelteazer says, "Or Rumpelteazer." Right before they say, "Or could you have sworn that it might have been both." You can see fuzz come off Rumpeltezer.
  • When Rumpelteazer is going behind Mungojerrie, and he says, "it was... Mungojerrie," you cna see Fuzz floating away from them on the left.
  • Before Mungojerrie and Rumeplteazer finish off with their famous end pose, you can see Asparagus come out from near the pipe and Jemima and Plato slide down from the car.
  • Alonzo and Munkustrap throw their bags!

Old Deuteronomy

  • When the music starts, you can see Victoria come out near the pipe as Quaxo starts crawling towards the front of the stage.
  • Right before there's a close up of Coricopat and Tantomile, Skimbleshanks takes Jennyanydots' hand.
  • When everyone sings, "Well of all things," for the first time, you can see Jemima and Plato rolling around on the ground.

The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles

  • If you look next to Deuteronomy, the actress that plays Etcetera is actually in the Victoria costume.
  • When Quaxo runs across the stage and drops one of the Pollicle paws (thats purposly though)
  • When Munkustrap sings, "They did not advance," you can see fluff floating in the air!
  • When Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer are going Bark Bark at one another the second time you can see Victoria in the background pointing to them when they should be barking.
  • When Munkustrap sings, "And so all the pekes when they heard the uproar," you can see Jennyanydots and Rumpelteazer in the background on the left talking/arguing.
  • Right before Tugger comes out playing the bagpipes you can see Pouncival right next to bim bustin a move.
  • When Tugger's marching around, look at the toms dancing. It's pretty funny.
  • Quaxo's paw Pollicle paw falls off and the queens trample over it and he smacks himself in the face as if saying, "Oh no!"
  • When RumpusCat comes out right before Munkustrap sings, "His eyes were like fireballs," you can see the wire attached to his goggles handing by his side.
  • Right before the finale, when Tugger starts playing the bagpipes, Etcetera turns around, "Wha?"

The Jellicle Ball

  • When Rumpus is sitting, you can see a tear under his tail.
  • While Old Deuteronomy is singing, watch Electra and Etcetera talking. Cettie makes funny expressions.
  • While Old Deuteronomy is coming down from the tire, you can see Quaxo's bum sticking out to his left.
  • When Victoria first starts backing out into the stage you can see Quaxo in the passage which she had just come from.
  • When Deuteronomy sings, "Jellicle Cats come out tonight," Munkustrap starts to smirk.
  • When Alonzo sings, "...Jellicle Cats are rather small." you can see Pouncival run down from near the car.
  • When Quaxo says, "We like to Practice our airs and graces," you can see Ademtus coming out of the oven.
  • When Tumblebrutus sings, "Jellicle cats are not to big," you can see Alonzo and Jemima dancing in the background.
  • When Asparagus sings, "Jellicle Cats are rolly polly," Electra is watching him and moving her head the way he's moving.
  • When Pouncival flips out when Jellylorum sings, "Jellicle's dry between their toes." you can see Admetus, Munkustrap and Plato all slinking towards him. Looks neat.
  • When Skimbleshanks, Tumblebrutus and Pouncival sing, "Jellicles jump like a jumping jack." and jump, Victoria, Jemima and Alonzo all go on their toes.
  • Right before they all sing, "To dance by the light of the Jellicle moon!" you cna see Tugger come out ontop of the car.
  • When the toms are doing their little dance before Bomba does her quick solo, you can see Jellylorum in the passage near the pipe and you see Victoria walk passed her.
  •  When the queens do their solo right before yousee the toms, Etcetera kicks herself in the head!! (lol!!)
  • Mates are: Jennyanydots/Tugger, Mungojerrie/Rumpeletazer, Jellylorum/Asparagus, Bombalurina/Pouncival, Alonzo/Cassandra, Victoria/Plato, Electra/Quaxo, Jemima/Tumblebrutus and everyone else doesn't have mates.
  • When the music picks back up after they all have a nap, Jemima puts her foot in front of her, instead of behind her.

Moments Of Happiness

  • When Jemima sits back down she kicks Etcetera.

More coming soon

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