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Character List

The character list includes pictures. The pictures are mainly from the video so they are easy to identify. Some characters are not featured in the video and are therefore from other productions. Click the names to see pictures.


The siamese (see them as a character)
 And an unkown cat only known the the Old Possems book is 'Morgan'. There are 43 names including Morgan.


Alonzo: One of the tribe protectors, Alonzo has several big dancing moments. He's generally not used for singing solos. Although he is somewhat of a protector, he is playful and lovable all the same.  He is a large muscular tom. In London/ Uk Tour/ Russia, he has a white base with large black patches. On Broadway/National Tour, he has a beatuiful gold base with black and brown hatching.


Asparagus: One of the older toms in CATS, Asparagus isn't best known for his solo's or big moments. He's generally Gus' chorus cat and his only real solo is in The Naming of Cats. In London/Uk Tour/Russia, he's a brown based cat with thick black stripes and a soft face. On Broadway/National Tour, he's actually a shaggy gray cat with light brown accents.


Admetus: Addy is a light brown based tom, who has very fine black and brow stripes. He doesn't have many solo's, and is barley ever seen. He's shy, quiet, but still a lovable and playful kitten. I've only ever seen him as a light brown based tom, with fine black and dark brown stripes.


Bill Bailey: Said to be the youngest kitten in the tribe, he is very energetic and clumsy. He is only featured in the UK tour, where he takes the place of Tumblebrutus. Although Bill and Tumble are simlar make up and costume wise, Bill has very bold brown spots and gray stripes.


Bombalurina: Bombalurina is a very sexy, seductive and flirty queen in CATS. She has many large dancing and singing parts and culd be classified as a main role. She's an auburn/red coloured cat, with a white patch on her chest and back. In London/Uk Tour/Russia, she has black spots and stripes and a black spiked collar. On Broadway/National Tour, she is an auburn queen, with a white chest and black hatching over her auburn coat.


Bustopher Jones: He’s a popular cat amongst the tribe, and very well known. He's only seen in his own song, where he generally sings rather than dance. He is a large round blck and white tom cat, and he has a large silver spoon he uses as a cane.


Carbucketty: He's generally the same cat as Pouncival, with similar coat markings and personality, but on Broadway Pouncival and Carbucketty became two seperate cats. He is actualky takes the place of  'Pouncival' in the UK tour. He's playful and outgoing and is very acrobatic. In London/Uk Tour/ National Tour/Broadway/Russia, he has  white base with a few black patches with black and brown stripes.


Cassandra: She's a very classy queen, with graceful and sleek movements. Cass has been said to be stuck up, but really she's just a tease  like Bombalurina. In London/Uk Tour/National Tour/Broadway/Russia Cassandra is a slim, brown based queen with a creamy coloured stomach and back.


Coricopat: He and his twin sister Tantomile are mystic cats. He has the ability to see the future (as assumed by the fans). He's a quiet, loyal and respectful tom, who likes to stay un-noticed and in the backround. In London/Uk Tour/Broadway/Russia he's a white based tom with black hatching and auburn accents.


Demeter: Her history has always been a discussion amoung the fans, but it's believed she had some relation with Macavity, whether it be mate, sister, friend or victim. She can be a paranoid character, but when everything looks safe and clear, she is outgoing and playful. In London/Uk Tour/National Tour/Broadway/Russia she has a gold base with a white patch on her stomach and back with black hatching.


Etcetera: Etcy/Cettie is  very outgoing and bubbily character. She's a hyperactve and playful kitten who is always looking for ways to have fun. She's one of Rum Tum Tugger's biggest fans. In London/Uk Tour/Broadway Etcetera is a light gray based queen with light brown and black stripes. She actually isn't feaured in the National Tour or Russia.


Electra: She's a quiet and shy kitten, usually only used as a chorus character. Electra is playful and fun, but seems more mature than a majority of the kittens. In London/Uk Tour she's an auburn based queen with black and brown stripes.


Exotica: Her character was only created for the CATS video so Femi Talyor (Original 1981 Tantomile) could be in th video. She's a mature queen, probably one of the older characters. She has two costumes (reasons are unkown). Her first costume is a dark brown based costume which resembles Cassandra's, but is darker and pure brown. Her other costume is light brown based with brown and black stripes with warmers, instead of gloves.


George: One of the rarley seen characters in most productions, Geroge is very playful and outgoing. He is mainly a chorus cat but has won over many fans with his lovable personality and adorable antics on stage. In London/Uk Tour/Russia he's white based with brown and black patches. He isn't featured in America sadly.


Griddlebone: The most seductive and beautiful of all the characters in CATS, she is only seen in the song Growltigers Last Stand, only seen on stage. She is Growltigers true love, but ran when Ghengis' Siamese attacked Growltigers ship nd sent him to walk to plank. In all productions, Griddlebone is a beautiful pure white persain.


Grizabella: The old rejected Glamour Cat of CATS. She starts off as a young beautiful cat, but dissapears before The Old Gumbie Cat starts. Her chorus costume is gray based with brown and black stripes and hatching. When she returns, she is a sad and broken queen, with smudged and ruined make up. She wears a long torn and ripped coat, with a shiny black dress and black boa. She wears her chorus unitard on underneath it all.


Growltiger: In story, Growltiger is a Bravo Cat who travels on a barge (ship). It's also said he was a feared Pirate who sailed anywhere from Gravsend to Oxford. He's a large bulky tomcat, who's marking resemble something of a tiger (hence his name). Some of his crew includes Tumblebrutus and Grumbuskin.


Gus: One of the older Cats, Gus tells his stories during his song, of all the great theatrical moments and memories. Gus is kind hearted and loving. In his time however, he's said to have been strict and professioinal in theatre. In London/Uk Tour/Broadway/National Tour/Russia: He has a long shaggy gray and brown coat.


Jellylorum: Jellylorum's age has been falsely noted because of the CATS video. She is actually just a bit older than Bombalurina and Cassandra. She's very motheryly and mature, and is probably close friends with Jennyaydots. In London/UkTour/Russia Jelly is white with black and light brown stripes, with some gray spots. On Broadway/National Tour she's white with beautiful golden and gay patches and stripes.


Jemima: One of the younger kittens, Jemima is blessed with a beautiful voice and graceful dancing. She is very quiet and is veyr well behaved. In London/Uk Tour/Russia, she has a white base with black, red and sometimes purple hatching. On Broadway/National Tour, she is generally more fuzzy with arm warmers instead of gloves. Otherwise they are pretty much the same.


Jennyanydots: She's said to be basically a nanny cat. She helps keep everything in order, including the kittens. Jenny is an older queen, probably brought up with several other silbings, being one of the eldest. Her parents might have depended on her, hence her very mature and sensible nature. In London/Uk Tour/Russia, Jenny is has a white base with gold/butterscotch hatching and brown stripes. On Broadway/National Tour, she is more orange than anything. Not bright orange but a pale orange with a white base.


Macavity: He is the bad guy in CATS. Macavity obviously has a mean streak and a dark side, if he even has a bright side. He hates the Jellicles, and does everything in his power to ruin their Ball. He has long orange/red fur, with a white lightening bold like mark down his torso. He is very messy looking and savage.


Mistoffelees: He is one of the adolescent characters. He has a magical power, that he is just learning how to use. He's mastered it almost and uses it to save Deuteronomy. He is a quiet tom, whos thought to be either the alter ego/father/brother/relative to Quaxo. Mistoffeles is all black, with a white chest and brilliant sparkling fur.


Mungojerrie: He's a trouble maker. He's a criminal, but not like Macavity. He and his partner in crime (Rumpelteazer) love creating chaos and mischeif for everyone, aminly humans. He's playful, funny and outgoing. In London/Uk Tour/Russia, Mungojerrie is white based with orange and black stripes. Early Broadway, he and Rumpelteazer were dressed as puppets. In later Broadway/National Tour, he was black, butterscotch, brown and orange.


Munkustrap: He is the storyteller and protector of the Jellicle tribe. He's a strong, well built confident tom, who's main perpose is to protect and keep peace to the Junkyard. He's very mature, but can be flexible when everything seems to be fine. He's a silver tabby with black stripes.


Old Deuteronomy: Deuteronomy is the tribe leader. He's said to be very old and well loved around his neighbourhood. He's a loving character, and accepts all teh cats for who they are, and not what they do. He has a long shaggy coat, which is usually wither mainly gray or mainly brown.


Plato: He's usually the chorus of Macavity, but you wouldn't know it from his playful and loving nature on stage. Although he is also an adolecent tom like Mistoffelees, Plato is usually seen with the kittens. Perhaps because he still has a kitten in him ;) In London/Uk Tour/Russia, Plato is a white tom with brown patches/blotches. On Broadway/National Tour, he has a base that's silver/gray and brown and black hatching and patches. 


Pouncival: He's generally the same cat as Carbucketty, with similar coat markings and personality, but on Broadway Carbucketty and Pouncival became two seperate cats. He's playful and outgoing and is very acrobatic. In London/Uk Tour/ National Tour/Broadway/Russia, he has  white base with a few black patches with black and brown stripes.


Quaxo: He’s generally the chorus cat for Mistoffelees. He is quiet, and is rarley heard singing, besides during "The Invatation to the jellicle Ball' which in the National tour is replaced with Munkustrap. Quaxo is playful, but he knows when it's time to be mature. He's a black tom, with a fluffy white chest.


Rumpelteazer: Teazer is a sneaky queen, who loves a good smash and grab. Her partner and probably best friend is Mungojerrie. She is very playful and spontanious and loves to go out and cause mischeif. In London/Uk Tour/Russia, she is a white queen with orange, black and some yellow stripes.


Rum Tum Tugger: He's said to be the coolest cat in the tribe, but some prefer to call him just flat out immature and annoying. He's got the moves that drive all the queens crazy and knows how to have a good time. He's flirtacious and handsome, which makes him pretty cool tom in the eyes of some of the queen kittens. He's black with leapard spots on his wrists, ankles and chest. he has a big brown/gold furry maine around his neck.


Rumpuscat: Probably one of the coolest cats in the tribe, Rumpus is a super hero basically. He's very well built, with fierce, red glowing eyes and long sharp claws. He's very strong and was said to have fought off the Pekes and Pollicles. He's a smokey colour, with a white chest with a big 'R' on it.


Sillabub: She's basically the American version of Jemima. She's a loving, quiet and gentle kitten, with a beautiful and powerful voice. She's very adorable and is very playful and excitable. She has black hatching with red/purple hatcing underneath.


Skimbleshanks: Skimble is a very cheerful and loveable tom. He rides the rails, patroling the cars making sure everyone is behaving. He's one of the adult cats, but he's got a lot of personality in him. In London/Uk Tour/Russia/Broadway, Skimbleshanks has a orangy-brown base with brown/orange stripes. He wears a brown vest during his song. In the National Tour, Skimble is a pale orange/brown with brown stripes.


Tantomile:  She and her twin sister Coricopat are mystic cats. She has the ability to see the future (as assumed by the fans). She's a quiet, loyal and respectful queen, who likes to stay un-noticed and in the backround. In London/Uk Tour/Broadway/Russia she's a white based queen with black hatching and auburn accents.


Tumblebrutus: Tumble is very acrobatic and is all about 'tumbling'. he's very playful and outgoing and is one of the more hyperactice tom kittens. He is a chorus cat, and doesn't have many singing solos, but he's lovable and his antics on stage are cute. He has a white base with brown and gray patches on his shoulders and legs. He has very faint gray stripes on his left side.


Victoria: One of the more popular characters, Victoria has ended her kittenhood, and has become an adult. She' has a very open and loving heart, and is the first one to open up and reach out to Grizabella, literally. She is a very flexible and elegant dancer. She is a beautiful white queen with golden accents.

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